Who are we

Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet) was established in 1989 and is widely regarded as the founder of the Internet in Australia and renowned as the architect, builder and operator of world-class network infrastructure for research and education. 

We are Australia’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). We connect over one million users—researchers, faculty, staff and students—at institutions across Australia, supporting education and research across a diverse range disciplines including high energy physics, climate science, genomics, radio astronomy and the arts.

We are an organisation of innovators, doers, and courageous thinkers.  We are not constrained by traditional products and solutions and we constantly strive to build the solutions that our customers will need tomorrow – today.  If you have the imagination, foresight and drive to build the future why not come and join us?

What we do

Nationally, AARNet interconnects Australian universities, the CSIRO, and other organisations who have a research and education mission, or with whom the education and research sector interacts. These include hospitals, vocational training providers, schools and museums.  Internationally, AARNet interconnects the Australian Research and Education (R & E) community to the world – and continuously develops new capabilities and partnerships to facilitate seamless data access and transfer. 

AARNet also offers a suite of supporting applications to our customers.  These include network and collaboration services such as CloudStor and Zoom, that enable innovation in the delivery of research and education.

 AARNet has been effective in making representations to government on policy, legislation, strategy and programs to improve the telecommunications facilities and services available not only to the education and research sector but also to the whole Australian community.
We operate a cutting-edge Australia-wide network with global reach. We develop new capabilities and evolve and evaluate emerging technologies in collaboration with partners and industry in support of some of the most demanding network-based applications.

Why work with AARNet?

Thanks to AARNet’s high-performing network, more than one million researchers, scientists, academics and students can now access an ever-expanding range of online powerful tools and resources, and share record volumes of data unconstrained by geographical location. The collaborations Australia’s researchers are involved in are helping to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.

Work with AARNet and you’ll be supporting global education and critical research in astronomy, high-energy physics, earth observation, environmental disasters, health, medicine and more.