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Melbourne Lean In

At Melbourne Lean In we connect women from all walks of life, create a safe place to discuss issues that matter to women and provide tools to combat bias.

We also work with organisations aspiring to close the gender leadership gap to roll out corporate wide peer groups - Lean In circles.



Lean In partners report that more women on their teams are taking the lead and more employees are talking openly about gender issues.

You can find more about our partner program to support Australian companies here or contact us on

Our partner program includes :

  1. Help to facilitate launch of organisation wide circles and define the goal:
    Whether your goal is skill development, retention, or mentorship at scale, we can tailor your Circles program to complement your existing diversity and inclusion efforts and achieve your organizational goals.

  2. Facilitate 50 ways to fight gender bias workshops for employees and leaders:
    50 Ways to Fight Bias gives your teams the tools to address the biases that women face at work.

    Activity is developed in collaboration with gender experts from the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation LabParadigm, a diversity and inclusion strategy consulting firm, and Minda Harts.

  3. Facilitate #IamRemarkable workshop:
    #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative implemented by over 800 companies to drive diversity benefits and allyship for empowering women and other underrepresented groups.


If you are an individual, join our vibrant network to connect with over 900 professional women, share your experiences and learn from each other. 

We host industry leaders to provide you guidance on how to navigate the workplace and advance your career. Our workshops run by experienced facilitators will sharpen your leadership and soft skills. 

Most importantly our community also supports peer-to-peer connections and helps you launch your own Lean In circle in your company or community.  

Get a feel of Melbourne Lean In events.

About Lean In:

Lean In was founded in 2013 by Sheryl Sanderberg (Facebook COO) and since then, Lean In has launched 50K circles (peer groups) across 170+ countries.

Melbourne Lean In was founded in 2017 and is an independent network in Lean In’s program and has over 900 professional women across Australia. 

Lean In HQ can be directly contacted on and you can find more information here.