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Understand, empower, and amplify your employee voices

Experience180 is a ready-made employee engagement survey you can provide your team in association with WORK180 — a trusted voice for women in the workplace.

  • Offer a way for underrepresented employees to share their experiences with complete confidence
  • See what life is like at your organization through a range of different lenses
  • Identify opportunities to improve and promote your company’s current employee experience
  • Gain insights to understand, introduce, or advocate for Employee Resource Groups
  • Build a business case for the investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives
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“DEI strategies cannot and should not be static – the past year has proven this. Remember to listen to your employees at scale and develop a response that answers to those needs – not any needs you may be making assumptions on. Assumptions are riddled with bias.”

Sheree Atcheson Marketing, Recruiting, and Diversity & Inclusion Professional, and member of the
WORK180 DEI Board

Created by diversity, equity, and inclusion experts

Experience180 asks the right questions, in the right way, giving you the results you need to take meaningful action


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Circulate the survey to your employees



Receive your result and take action


Gain insights while promoting DEI and establishing an internal culture of transformation.

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Use the data to prove the need for DEI, prioritize your initiatives, and make meaningful change.

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Understand the needs of specific groups, including ways to introduce or improve current ERGs.

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Identify areas of your offering that could be putting people off or pushing employees away.

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Find out why employees love your workplace, in words that will resonate with other job seekers.

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Spot brand ambassadors and gather truthful testimonials you can use when hiring.

What you’ll love about Experience180

Instant impact 

The WORK180 logo is synonymous with raising organizational standards for all women. This means our surveys are a clear sign of a company committed to progress.


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Create a safe space 

Knowing the anonymous survey will be managed by WORK180, your employees can feel comfortable being candid.


Quick implementation 

Created for busy HR and DEI teams, Experience180 is easy to implement and comes with support to encourage engagement.  


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Identify opportunities

Employers already endorsed by WORK180 will be supported in their analysis of the results. This includes identifying key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to strengthen your position as a great employer for women.

“It’s important to showcase where an organization is not perfect […] We should be talking not about how great we are, but how great we want to be, and invite people to join us on that journey.”

Asif Sadiq MBE Senior Vice President and Head of Equity and Inclusion International at Warner Media, and member of the WORK180 DEI Board
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Frequently asked questions

What is an employee engagement survey?

An Employee Engagement Survey measures the levels of engagement and motivation within your organization. They also allow respondents to share their thoughts, feelings, and feedback anonymously, and provide a safe space for your employees to share their voices. The insights gained from employee engagement surveys are used to understand, communicate, and improve your employee offering.

Experience180 is a ready-made employee engagement survey, created by WORK180’s experts. This means you can implement it quickly and easily, knowing you’re asking the right questions in the right way.

What are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) is an official support system within an organization for people with shared identifiers, characteristics, or life experiences. These voluntary groups are employee-led, and provide; 

  • peer-to-peer support; 
  • greater visibility and sense of belonging for those in underrepresented groups; 
  • a safe space to share experiences; 
  • opportunities to raise awareness of issues; 
  • career development opportunities; 
  • formalized leadership advocacy and support.

The specific function of companies’ ERGs will vary depending on the needs of your employees. Examples of common identifiers that form that basis for ERGs include; 

  • Women 
  • Sexual orientation 
  • Race, ethnicity, and culture 
  • People with disabilities 
  • Faith and religion 
  • Parents and other caregiver
Do I have to have an ERG?

No, employers don’t have to provide ERGs. However, they’re considered a staple of any company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. They also offer organizations a number of benefits, such as; 

  • increased employee satisfaction and productivity; 
  • fostering a diverse pool for leadership succession; 
  • critical insights and support for business decisions and objectives.
How can I use Experience180 to build a business case for ERGs?

The results of your Experience180 survey make it quick and easy for your team to gather the information necessary to advocate for ERGs within your organization.  

  • Get clear numbers around underrepresented groups and the demand for a relevant ERG
  • Support your stats with powerful reasoning, worded in a way only those with certain experiences and perspectives can provide. 
  • A list of employees willing to participate and/or lead ERGs
Is it also possible to use Experience180 to build a business case for DEI?

Yes, the numbers and insights generated by Experience180 will be a great support to your business case for the investment in DEI. You’ll have quantifiable data around levels of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and a clear picture of your current workforce’s demand for DEI. 

To learn more about building a business case for DEI, download our free toolkit.

Do I have to be endorsed by WORK180 to access this product?

No, Experience180 is an internal insight tool that will benefit employers at any stage of the DEI journey. As such, unlike our services that publicly promote great workplaces for women, organizations using this product do not need to meet our WORK180 endorsement criteria.

How do I get started?

A lack of time and budget can be the greatest barriers to DEI initiatives. Fortunately, Experience180 is easy-to-implement, affordable, and provides actionable results you can use to prove your impact. 

  1. The ready-made survey will be provided alongside guidance to help you maximize participation from your chosen employees.
  2. Survey results will be provided within within a week of your chosen survey
  3. As well as receiving the data set, Endorsed Employers will also be supported with a detailed analysis, recommendations, and action plan. 

 To get started, request a consultation.