Ferocia is a technology company: a close-knit team of extraordinarily talented dreamers, who love to distill complex problems into simple, elegant solutions that customers love.

Since 2021, we’ve proudly been a part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group. We currently build two products: Bendigo Bank’s Internet Banking platform, and Up.

We run on espresso, loose-leaf tea, in-house lunches, and the odd batch of Ferocia Pale Ale (yeah, that’s a thing).

We are leaders in the FinTech space, having hit that sweet spot of having a small company rhythm, with large company reach and resources to help us better pursue our mission: financial empowerment through technology.

This is where it is today.


Becoming a Ferocian opens you to a working environment unlike any other.

We’re an inclusive team, building cool things and celebrating everyone’s little weirdies and big passions. So no matter who you are, who you love, or what you stand for - we want you to be you.

We take diversity and inclusion seriously, and value the environment we have created where different ideas and perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.

Ferocia’s greatest asset was and still is our employees, and we continue to guide our people to become great leaders and innovators while delivering results to our customers. Now that’s multi-tasking.



We are a tech company. That means we are geeks. Cool geeks, but geeks nonetheless.

Over the last few years, we’ve grown from a company of 0 women to 23, including 2 in leadership roles….and we are still growing. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

We are a company that values all our people, and it is our personal mission to ensure everyone is provided equal opportunities to succeed at all levels.

Our organisation exposes women to career opportunities across all fields, as well as provides women a safe space to build networks, mentor and be mentored, and most importantly, forge strong friendships that extend beyond the confines of our office.


We are a rapidly growing company, committed to raising the bar in the FinTech industry. Flexible work hours, parental leave, and in-work perks are all part of the package to attract the right talent, with the right ‘tude to help us smash goals.