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Lookahead Search

Who we are

Our recruiters have all worked in technology companies, typically without recruiting experience, but with a desire to be in a more people focused role. Our induction and training programs support them on their way to becoming technical recruiters. We’re big on internal mentorship - our team come together to ensure each new person is successful. 

Why work with us 

People from the industry become wonderful technical recruiters. They have empathy for how software is built, understand trends in the industry, and have seen first hand what a great team player looks like. 

We’re a diverse team ourselves and work hard to help our industry improve. We support a wide range of industry groups through active participation and sponsorship (NodeGirls, RailsGirls, RubyAU, Elixir Camp, Levels Conference, Girl Geeks, and many more).

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  • Plenty of training. This year we’ve had two external trainers come in, and we each go to about three conferences of our choosing a year. You’re welcome to go to coding camps too, if you’re up for it!
  • Flexible hours
  • We work from home a day a week.
  • Quarterly team get togethers, our annual Team Hang™ and plenty of ad-hoc lunches in between.
  • We generally take six weeks of leave a year and are great at covering for our workmates while they’re away.
  • We’ve made our Pledge 1% commitment to sane.org, consistently donate to EFF.org, and there is volunteer leave available to all for any cause.
"I love working at Lookahead Search because the team here is genuinely supportive of each other. I get to work with some strong and independent women which has been an amazing experience. It’s also great that we get work from home flexibility—it helps save time on travelling, and I can use that extra time to recharge and take care of life admins."
Fiona Chan
Technical Recruiter
Fiona Chan, Technical Recruiter