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Standard Ledger

    Not your average accounting firm…

    And we hope that’s why you’ll like us 😊 . About six years ago, we set out to disrupt accounting and build a service to suit startups and fast-growing businesses. We’ve come a long way and we’re excited about our next phase of growth. We hope you’ll get to know us and consider joining us along the way.

    What we do

    In a nutshell: we’re a startup for startups.

    Well at least, we were. Now – about six years in – we’re an established accounting and CFO firm dedicated to our clients who are startups and fast-growing businesses. In startup speak, you could say we’re a stay up or a scale up.

    But that’s enough ‘up’ speak. Coming back down to earth, what do we actually do?

    We provide fixed-fee scalable accounting services (like bookkeeping, payroll and tax) that free up founders and business owners to focus on bigger things. And we help them with those bigger things too, with our CFO, financial modelling, valuations, R&D tax and grants services. We help our clients raise capital, understand their finances and expand overseas. That’s something we’re considering as well – building strength from our growing client base in Australia and looking at how it might work overseas. Because like most founders, we’re always up for an adventure.

    Who we are

    We’re a bunch of passionate people peppered around some of the world’s great places, including Adelaide, Albury, Geelong, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney and soon, New Zealand.

    Our founders, Remco and Mike, specialise in operational CFO support, accounting and tax. They lead the team but we have a pretty flat structure, where everyone is responsible (and accountable 😉) for their work.

    We also have one of Australia’s best R&D and grants experts on board. And one of the Australian Tax Office’s biggest pests – kidding, but she does regularly go into bat for our clients.

    One of the things we’re passionate about is helping founders and business owners develop financial intelligence because when you understand the numbers, you’re much more likely to survive and achieve your goals. That’s why we run popular events and workshops on startup funding, finance, equity, valuations and metrics.

    How we work

    Well before COVID-19, we knew that remote working… worked. We’ve built our business from our homes and from co-working spaces in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, where we’ve become part of local startup ecosystems and helped interesting people do innovative things. All with the backing of our excellent support team in Manila.

    As we’ve grown, we’ve kept our tech ethos of listening and evolving and we still wear t-shirts most of the time. Like the rest of the world, we’ve mostly worked from home over the last few years and while it’s important to get amongst the startup scene when we can, we’re open to each person working in the way that’s best for them.

    We attract people who like to dig in and get the job done for our entrepreneurial clients, without having to navigate too many layers of management. We’re conscious of burn-out and mental wellbeing (which is also something we watch out for among our startup founder clients), and we’re keen to disrupt the gender imbalance in financial services. That means becoming endorsed with WORK180 and being as flexible and open as we can to what you need to make working with us work for you.