Inspiring Dads

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Inspiring Dads

Our Vision

Active And Involved Fathers Who Are Committed To Solving The Challenge Of

“How Do Be A Great Dad Without Sacrificing A Great Career”?

We believe that this generation of dads is ready to embrace a new type of working life, one that blends work and family in a way rarely previously experienced by men.

No longer constrained by traditional and divisive gender stereotypes around “breadwinning” and “caring”, these dads are ready to be the hands-on fathers they don’t necessarily remember growing up.


Our Values

Flexible Working For All

Everyone wins when dads feel comfortable seeking out the type of flexible working patterns that support their desire to be an active and involved father. #Flexforall.

Supporting Dads Leads To Gender Equality

When dads are comfortable taking extended leave, or accessing flexible or remote working, not only is it good for their well-being and building emotional connections with their family, but it also unlocks work opportunities for their partners and facilitates equality in the home.  

Communication Is Key

Dads need to be honest about their needs and pressures, and learn to talk openly with partners, managers and co-workers to design working lives that deliver what they and their families want and need.