Women in Data

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Women in Data

Our Mission

Close the gender gap and increase diversity in data careers.

How We Achieve Our Mission


We spread awareness for women in the field of data through our Local Networking Events, Regional Events


Whether you are just beginning your career or wanting to stay relevant, education is essential for continual growth. We offer a variety of programs to assist women in their journey.


In order to close the gender gap, we need to keep women at the C-Suite level and assist more in breaking through.



Become a part of the Women in Data Sisterhood to gain access to a network of highly engaged and diverse leaders who are focused on a common goal of increasing diversity in data careers.

By becoming a member, you support our mission of increasing diversity in data careers and lead the way for an industry based on equality and diversity.


 Membership Benefits


Exclusive opportunity to build your network and learn from leaders in the industry. These events are focused on a variety of career growth topics, from work-life balance to neural networks.

Private Networking Group

Receive access to a highly engaged group of diverse women who want to build friendships and share experiences in order to uplift one another.

Mentorship Program

We provide a platform where you can become a mentor or find a mentor through your career journey and receive nuggets of insights. 

Life Coaching

We all need a little support. Living your best personal and professional life requires intentional self-reflection and continual personal development. Enter the life coach.

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