Typhoon Simulator Instructor

BAE Systems UK

Location: Lincolnshire

Job Type: Not Specified


TTF Aircrew Instructor:

A vacancy for an aircrew instructor exists at RAF Coningsby. The successful candidate will deliver classroom and synthetic flight training to Typhoon pilots using a range of flight training devices.

Your main responsibilities as a TTF Aircrew Instructor will involve:

  • Facilitating training through the manipulation of the synthetic environment and the role-play of outside professional functions (ATC, GCI, JTAC).
  • Safety focussed instruction, delivering groundschool lectures and initial Typhoon conversion training.
  • Designing training interventions to enhance the Typhoon force’s learning experience.
  • Working outside of core Company hours as required to support TTF opening hours and fulfil any additional business development activities that are needed within the role.

Your skills and qualifications:

Essential Skills:

  • Proven military frontline experience within a Fast Jet role. (Pilots and/or Weapons Systems Operators)

Desirable Skills:

  • Current or previous Typhoon experience would be highly advantageous
  • Instructional Qualifications such as QWI, QFI and/or EWI

What we're looking for in you:

You will have the ability to identify and communicate the learning points that will unlock enhanced future performance, in already high-performing individuals. You have a willingness to learn and improve on your own skills.

You’ve got this!