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JP Morgan

Location: Glasgow City

Job Type: Full time

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- Reshma Saujani


The Cloud Foundational Services organization is responsible for defining, developing, engineering and operating cloud products consumed by our Application Development Partners across the firm. Our product portfolio includes Private and Public Cloud Platforms and a wide range of services such as databases, messaging and telemetry.

Success of our private cloud initiatives is dependent on accurate, real-time, consumption based billing that covers all product offerings of our internal cloud. JPMC’s application developers and owners need insights into utilization and spend to inform and evolve application architectures. We are looking to grow our engineering team to further evolve the capabilities of our billing platform, onboard additional services and integrate into our multi-cloud FinOps capabilities that will provide internal clients a single view of all cloud spend.

Attributes of Technologists in Cloud Foundational Services

  • Respect for people and opinions and the ability to confidently offer your point of view
  • Ability to thrive in a collaborative and diverse environment
  • A drive to proactively build trust in order to cultivate long lasting relationships
  • Optimism and adaptability when faced with challenges and complex situations, coupled with the drive to solve complex problems and continuously optimize processes
  • Dedication to continuous improvement and development of your skillset and talents
  • A strong personal identification with JPM’s values

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of Spring and Java
  • Experience with SQL, preferably with CockroachDB
  • Experience with both REST and GraphQL standards with Oauth and Kerberos for authentication and authorization.
  • Self-starter , delivery focused , strong experience on Agile programming
  • Keen to understand and solve business related problems
  • Ability to solve complex problems and a track record of high performance and delivery
  • Strong communication and team-working skills

Desirable Experience

  • Use of Cloudfoundry or Kubernetes
  • Experience of public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure
  • Use of Kafka or similar messaging

What’s in it for you?

Besides being in a cool team, we thrive on the challenge to be our best, progressive thinking to keep growing, and working together to deliver products to continually help our clients succeed. We care about each other, reaching our potential, making a difference to our communities and achieving success that is mutual.

  • Continued career advancement opportunities, including industry recognized certifications, such as AWS and CKAD
  • Exposure to strong mentorship and leadership examples
  • Professional and technical development programs
  • Opportunities to be a valuable member of a close-knit, collaborative, diverse team that encourages networking and innovation
  • Encouraged to explore your own personal development with training
  • Gain broad visibility and networking opportunities across our technology, Finance and FinOps partners
You’ve got this!