Lead Software Engineer

JP Morgan

Location: Glasgow City

Job Type: Full time

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Perfection not required
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This is a unique and exciting opportunity as design lead a growth team within AWM Core Data Tech, Glasgow. The Core Data team has been formed in order to develop common services and user interfaces that will be utilised to maintain and distribute core data across Asset & Wealth Management. The role spans both the shared data distribution platform and securities & pricing domain, and is focused on using both innovative development technologies and best-of-breed automation toolsets to allow true continuous delivery.

What makes this unique is this the fact that this department that has been set up by Developers as opposed to the typical ‘people managers’, the focus from senior managers down to graduate is on hands on development with a focus on quality and delivery, utilising practices such as TDD, continuous integration, it’s the actual developers that decide what best to use, managers in this department are seen as more of a support function. There is a real focus on DevOps and many ‘Shift-left’ practices within the team. Indeed, the team operates a series of ‘Shift-right’ practices around feature toggling, blue/green deployments, etc.

Also as there is such a heavy focus on expert development, there is a new career path for anyone wanting to stay in hands on development that can take you to the most senior level (Managing Director) in the organisation without having to become an Architect or people manager.

A secondary remit of this group is to develop software in such a way that they would be seen as role models and could coach across the organisation. The approach and tooling being utilised throughout will utilise Agile techniques and has 100% commitment from senior leaders that it will be implemented in the way the Developers see fit rather than some project manager driving this!
The department has the following set of core values and culture they work towards.

    1. Individual empowerment (reduced hurdles and overhead), quality and continuous improvement built into team's culture
    2. DevOps first principles around all aspects of the role
    3. Conscious effort to build a simple architecture and leverage reusable components / services
    4. Targeted use of a cloud based application landscape using 12-factor Application Principles
    5. Team-first attitude along with trust; support each other to upgrade skills
    6. Standard methodologies with "minimum requirements" clearly articulated
    7. Co-located DevOps / Agile Feature team with workspace and tools for closer collaboration, but also part of a larger global team
    8. Targeted training to impart new tech. skills and methodology knowledge
    9. Strong Tech. leadership that understands the different AD functions, stakeholders and their interests

If you’re a passionate, experienced senior software engineer with a JAVA background and passion for design and would like to be recognised/rewarded for your development expertise rather than talking a good game then this is the role for you.

Technology & Experience:

Extensive experience in the design and development of best-of-breed solutions using modern design patters is key to this role.
The attitude and behaviours of the candidate are more important than expertise in a particular library or framework, so if you don’t tick all the boxes in the technologies listed but you are passionate about technology, willingness to learn and delivery focused then please feel free to still apply, focused and passionate individuals will get up to speed very quickly on any technology.

You’ve got this!