Google Cloud Database Enablement Infrastructure Developer

JP Morgan

Location: United Kingdom

Job Type: Full time

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Role Summary

An infrastructure developer within the Google cloud database enablement team working with our customers, database product teams and cloud platform teams to provide public cloud guidance, solution architecture and implementation of new features common across multiple public cloud database products.

Role Description

The Platform Services group is responsible for defining, developing and operating cloud products consumed by our Application Development Partners across the firm. Our Product Portfolio includes Private and Public Cloud Platforms and a wide range of services such as databases, messaging and telemetry.

As an infrastructure developer you will work as part of the public cloud database enablement team within the database service engineering organization. Service Engineering delivers self-service database products on our internally hosted (private cloud) and external hosted (public cloud) platforms. These products provide JPMC developers access to easily consumable databases for their applications to utilize.

The public cloud database enablement team builds and supports capabilities that span multiple cloud database products e.g. automation for backups, patching, monitoring. This team works with all of the database product teams, providing public cloud guidance, solution architecture and implementation of new features common across multiple cloud products.

Key Responsibilities of the Role

This role has three key responsibilities:

  • Meet with application teams to understand their requirements and advise on the most appropriate solutions.
  • Partner with the database product teams. Each product (e.g. MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres etc.) has its own team of experts in that particular product. With your expertise in the public cloud platforms and their product expertise you will work together to enable public cloud offerings for JPMC developers to use to build their applications.
  • Collaborate with the core foundational service team. Each public cloud platform (e.g. AWS and Google) has a JPMC team that makes the core platform capabilities available (e.g. network, access control, compute and storage). You will be responsible for helping to ensure the capabilities they provide meet the requirements of the database product teams and work with them to implement database product specific features.

The technology in this area is still evolving and our organization adapts along with this change. As a result, most roles in Platform Services have the opportunity to continuously collaborate across all cloud product offerings, this will not be in siloed role.

Attributes of Technologists in Platform Services

  • Respect for people and opinions and the ability to confidently offer your point of view
  • Ability to thrive in a collaborative and diverse environment
  • A drive to proactively build trust in order to cultivate long lasting relationships
  • Optimism and adaptability when faced with challenges and complex situations, coupled with the drive to solve complex problems and continuously optimize processes
  • Dedication to continuous improvement and development of your skillset and talents
  • A strong personal identification with JPMC’s values

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience of deploying, configuring and supporting Google Cloud products and services, in particular the database products.
  • Experience of working with Terraform, ideally Terraform Enterprise.
  • Development skills in a dynamic programming language, ideally Python.
  • Knowledge of IT infrastructure, with a background in databases systems and public cloud platforms.
  • Strong critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with others and bring teams together to successfully implement changes.

What’s in it for you?

Besides being in cool team, we thrive on the challenge to be our best, progressive thinking to keep growing, and working together to deliver products to continually help our clients succeed. We care about each other, reaching our potential, making a difference to our communities and achieving success that is mutual.

  • Continued career advancement opportunities, including industry recognized certifications..
  • Exposure to strong mentorship and leadership examples.
  • Professional and technical development programs.
  • Opportunities to be a valuable member of a close-knit, collaborative, diverse team that encourages networking.
  • Support Flexible Working Arrangement between home and office.
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