CIB OLO - Legal and Regulatory Change Management (LRCM) - DPS Operations EMEA - Associate

JP Morgan

Location: Dorset

Job Type: Full time


The Office of Legal Obligation (OLO) program is a firm-wide, global initiative that brings together the expertise of Legal, Lines of Business (LoBs), Control Management, Compliance, Risk and other key control functions, to (i) document JPMC’s Obligations arising from material laws, rules and regulatory requirements and (ii) connect the Obligations to policies and procedures that support compliance with those laws, rules, and regulations. As the program is nearing completion, the business as usual operating model is being developed and this role is a key part of the operating model within EMEA.

The role is responsible for the completion of LRCM (Legal and Regulatory Change Management)-related BAU tasks for the EMEA regions, including determining the impact of Regulatory Event Notices (RENs) to the EMEA Operations, confirmation of operational readiness in cooperation with affected Operations teams, and process / document mapping of changed / new obligations.

This position provides considerable exposure to functional partners and the business. It will be aligned to global OLO colleagues covering Market Operations, Securities Services & NM, and Client Onboarding & Documentation, as well as line Operation teams. Key responsibilities include:

CIB LRCM process and business change

  • Working with the Global lead for Operations (excl. Payments) to support the CIB LRCM process across the various EMEA jurisdictions.
  • Assist in the review of RENs to assess impact to EMEA DPS (Digital and Platform Services) Operations and other activities as required within firm-wide and CIB LRCM framework, including weekly intake and triage process.
  • Partner with EMEA Operations Regulatory Governance team, and work with line operation teams to ensure that process/procedural/system changes are implemented.
  • The individual will need to develop subject matter expertise in their country coverage portfolio, local legal and regulatory framework, connectivity to local Regulatory Change Forums, and work closely with front office representatives to understand applicability of reg change to the business from Front to Back.
  • Assist in the capture internal/business driven changes (e.g. process / procedure / CORE hierarchy, etc.) and feed through OLO pipeline for evergreening of obligation inventory.
  • Assist in the identification of opportunities for leveraging OLO LRCM process to enhance efficiencies and governance of regulatory change management for EMEA Operations.

Evergreening existing obligations and document inventory; assessment of BAU new obligations

  • Reviewing changed / new obligations and assessing applicability to DPS Operations in EMEA.
  • Mapping of obligations to required supporting documentation within ELA, including identify the relevant CORE (Control and Operational Risk Evaluation). process(es) most closely aligned to the requirements of the obligations.
  • Source and uplift EMEA Ops procedures and other OLO-eligible documents in alignment with Firmwide Procedure Standard and migration to CIB Procedure Portal (Corpora) contributing to buildout of LOB-wide procedure inventory.

Liaison for EMEA Operations OLO

  • Work for the Global OLO Lead for Operations.
  • Collaborate with OCM, Operations and key stakeholders to ensure a clear and well-coordinated program and consistent interpretation of applicable obligations.
  • Subject matter expert on OLO process and tool related topics (Enterprise Library Application - ELA and Signavio)
  • Respond and resolve items identified by QC, QA, and audit process.

Qualifications/Knowledge and Experience Required:

  • Relevant experience/knowledge of financial products is essential.
  • Business knowledge with regulatory/compliance experience or knowledge of financial products highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with multiple CIB businesses is an advantage specifically within the EMEA countries.
  • Good business analysis skills to enable efficient, accurate and objective decision making.
  • Candidate needs to be comfortable working and partnering with people at all levels and across all functional areas.
  • Ability to understand business processes and relate them to regulations.
  • Ability to partner closely with related functions to ensure a coordinated and effective program.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Results oriented; ability to effectively prioritize work and deliver against multiple objectives.
  • Professional, self-motivated, and able to work in a fast-paced, results-driven environment with a proven track record of execution against deliverables.
  • Excellent business judgement, particularly the ability to proactively monitor the work stream to identify issues early.
  • Detail oriented, with a highly disciplined approach to process and quality control. Attention to detail is critical in this role.
  • Good organizational and time management skills.
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