Applied AI ML Scientist - Executive Director

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


The Digital Intelligence team’s mission is to utilize large-scale computation, true large-scale data set, and apply machine-learning to our most critical and wide-range customer products. The number of products and practice areas is large and far-reaching, i.e. we work on products that are impactful to our millions and millions of customers and households. We work closely with our engineering and technology partners to deploy solutions to reach out customers. We value our customers’ direct feedback and function in a truly agile way to incorporate changes to improve application experience.

We are looking for talented candidates who have a strong computer science background, i.e. thinking like a computer scientist where computational optimizations and innovations are applied every day, programming is not an afterthought. Candidates should not be hesitant to take on projects where he/she will everything end-to-end, thinking like an engineer not afraid to get his/her hands dirty and no job is too small or hard, with a core understanding of machine-learning is only a small portion of a project and majority of the projects will be engineering focused.

The candidate needs to have significant training and working experience in computer science, with a few years of hands-on applied machine-learning application development in advertisement placement for both digital and nondigital channels. The candidate needs to have significant software engineering work experience, where he/she has been responsible for bringing a complete system to production end-to-end, working with DevOps and various levels of production engineering teams.

5-10 years of development experience in end-to-end creation of data pipeline, machine-learning model creation and execution, with core software engineering skills.

Have 3+ years of Ads serving experience for machine-learning based model creation and serving.

Core foundational training in Computer Science, rooted in computing theories and computational/programming/data optimization. An undergraduate degree in Computer Science is required, with additional graduate degrees also in CS (not pure science background).

You’ve got this!