Senior Java / AWS Software Engineer – Vice President

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


J.P. Morgan Chase is the original payment tech and fintech company. We now want to change how you pay for just about everything. We have built trust with 600K+ merchants and millions consumers processing $9T of their transactions everyday, which are key to their lives and businesses. Our leadership increased technology investment to $14B/year indefinitely to build and run technology products that will transform our customers' experience. In the E-Commerce Organization, we are organizing startup-like teams to form around each of these products, such as Checkout, to speed up delivery while keeping a very high bar on engineering excellence.

We have engineering complexity and scale, with some of our systems at 15,000 TPS. We are serving e-commerce experience to 600K+ merchants and X million consumers. You will be working with a very high-caliber of engineers, product managers, and leaders to solve these complex problems and have an amazing environment of personal and professional growth. This product-driven and consumer-focused initiative is a unique opportunity to build and take ownership of a modern product suite on a cloud-first and API First approach using modern technology stack, all on AWS, Kubernetes, Java, React.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer to join our development team based in London. The ideal candidate has a track record of having built multiple high-performance, stable, scalable systems that have been successfully shipped to customers in production. Your work and your approach to work are exemplary: you drive best practices and set standards for your team. You are a key influencer in your team's strategy and contribute significantly to team planning. You show good judgment in making trade-offs between immediate and long-term business needs. You are collaborative and make other engineers and team members around you more productive, by sharing your knowledge, and helping to tie-break key technical decisions.

The hiring manager for this job opening would welcome a conversation about flexible working. This could range from ad hoc flexibility in a full time position, to a more formal Flexible Work Arrangement.

Essential Qualifications and skills that you will need

  • Very strong Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, architectural and design patterns, data structures & algorithms.
  • Expert in cloud computing and have significant experience in delivering large scale distributed systems on cloud platforms like AWS and/or Azure and/or GCP.
  • Experience of building Micro-service based architectures with proficiency with one or more modern RPC frameworks, such as gRPC.
  • Experience building and debugging large-scale web services, and microservices based, Kubernetes-orchestrated applications.
  • Ability to apply strong analytical skills in delivering simple solutions for complex problems.
  • Experience of building, operating, and truly owning services. Implementing alerting, metrics, and logging.
  • Strong collaboration with business and technical colleagues to identify and scope opportunities, identify risks, benefits, and constraints.
  • Strong understanding of Agile methodology and leveraging SDLC tools to improve development and testing efficiency (JIRA, Jenkins, GIT, JUnit, Selenium, Lint)
  • Strong sense of ownership and focus on long-term usability and extensibility.
  • Very strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  • A collaborative attitude, team-player, friendly, w/ passion and flexibility to learn new tools and skillsets.
You’ve got this!