Cyber Resiliency Program Manager

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


It’s an incredible time for our industry and specifically the Resiliency team. The demands from Regulators and clients continue to evolve and we have a number of exciting initiatives planned over the next 3 years to improve the resiliency of our most critical applications in CIB.

You will be focused on helping drive the Investment Bank’s Cyber Resiliency Program. Specifically, focused on the automated pave / repave of the full application stack and creation and execution of the application repave and data loss plans.

Working with application development and infrastructure teams you will facilitate the creation (pave) of infrastructure, supporting components and application install using automation. Once paved you will help the teams prove that the assets can be regularly repaved using automation and data can be recovered, replayed and reconciled. To enable us to scale this initiative you will make the process self-service and produce the necessary tools (wiki site, training, white papers, infrastructure tools and utilities).

You will be working with the most important applications in the investment bank (Essential Service apps) and infrastructure teams that are transforming the way we use infrastructure services.

Who we are

The Technology Resiliency Management team is responsible for ensuring that JP Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) Technology demonstrates, and improves, the resiliency of its applications. Our team interacts with our partners in Application Development, Corporate and Global Infrastructure teams. The CIB business relies heavily on having stable and resilient applications to be able to provide clients and governments with a first class service, all the time. Our team understands regulatory requirements, drives company policy and engages with support teams to ensure that the 1000+ applications design, build, test and, in an incident, execute recovery plans efficiently and effectively.

Who are we hiring?

We are looking for an ambitious technologist to help drive the cyber resiliency program. Ideally:

  • You will have had previous technical experience in technology refresh projects, from provisioning, through build, to testing and implementation
  • You will have working knowledge of systems administration of Wintel / Unix operating systems
  • You will have had previous experience in a software development role.
  • You will have had previous experience of automation technologies/languages (Puppet, Magister, Ansible) and containers (Kubernetes)
  • You will have had previous technical experience either in an infrastructure or production management.
  • You will have Knowledge of how large scale enterprise servers are built and operate
  • You will have Knowledge of how applications consume and produce data
  • You will have Knowledge of multi-tier application architecture
  • You will have Knowledge of support services used by applications (MQ, NDM, Scheduling, etc.)
  • You will be tenacious and enjoy solving problems through your own initiative and helping other teams solve their problems
  • You will be confident in providing management summaries and understand the importance of accuracy.
  • You understand the importance of resiliency and an appreciation of its role in production management
  • You will have an interest in developing your career into team leadership or people management.
You’ve got this!