Software Engineer III - Java

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JP Morgan
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We have an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you to take your software engineering career to the next level.

As a Software Engineer III at JPMorgan Chase within the Liquidity and Account Solutions team, you serve as a seasoned member of an agile team to design and deliver trusted market-leading technology products in a secure, stable, and scalable way. You are responsible for carrying out critical technology solutions across multiple technical areas within various business functions in support of the firm’s business objectives.

Job responsibilities

  • Executes software solutions, design, development, and technical troubleshooting with ability to think beyond routine or conventional approaches to build solutions or break down technical problems
  • Creates secure and high-quality production code and maintains algorithms that run synchronously with appropriate systems
  • Produces architecture and design artifacts for complex applications while being accountable for ensuring design constraints are met by software code development
  • Gathers, analyzes, synthesizes, and develops visualizations and reporting from large, diverse data sets in service of continuous improvement of software applications and systems
  • Proactively identifies hidden problems and patterns in data and uses these insights to drive improvements to coding hygiene and system architecture
  • Contributes to software engineering communities of practice and events that explore new and emerging technologies
  • Adds to team culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect
  • Conducts detailed peer reviews of code developed by colleagues
  • Provides out of hours application support and coordination of Production releases

Required qualifications, capabilities, and skills

  • Formal training or certification on software engineering concepts or a related discipline and proficient applied experience
  • Proficient in coding in one or more object-orientated languages, including Java 17+ with Spring Boot
  • Experience of creating thread-safe concurrent code in Java or another JVM based language
  • Hands-on experience with event driven architecture and distributed messaging technologies (e.g. Kafka)
  • Experience with Docker and running Production workloads on Kubernetes
  • Experience using and designing schemas/data structures in SQL and NoSQL databases (e.g. Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra)
  • Expertise in applying appropriate data structures and algorithms to solve business and technical problems
  • Hands-on practical experience in secure system design, application development, automated regression testing, performance profiling and operational stability
  • Experience in developing, debugging, and maintaining code in a large corporate environment with one or more modern programming languages and database querying languages
  • Overall knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Solid understanding of agile methodologies such as Scrum, CI/CD, Application Resiliency, and Security
  • Expertise in application, data, and infrastructure architecture disciplines
  • Knowledge of industry-wide technology trends and best practices

Preferred qualifications, capabilities, and skills

  • Experience with caching technologies, e.g. Redis
  • Hands on experience with C++, Rust or Golang
  • Knowledge of data serialisation formats (e.g. Google Protocol Buffers, Apache Avro and Parquet)
  • Experience with gRPC
  • Certified Kubernetes knowledge (e.g. CKAD)
  • Certified public cloud technology knowledge (e.g. AWS)