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About myWhānau

myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is a revolutionary app that helps working mothers manage the juggle of work, home, and family life.

It acts as a virtual PA, automatically capturing and diarising the information from school, extracurricular, and life admin emails, websites, portals, and apps. myWhānau empowers mothers to be more productive at work by making it easy to stay on top of the family schedule and minimising clashes between work and family commitments.

myWhānau helps organisations to hire, retain and promote women and close their gender pay gap by:

  • Positioning you as an employer of choice
  • Demonstrating your commitment to creating an environment where women can thrive
  • Strengthening your pipeline of female leaders by giving them more time and energy to focus on their careers

Why myWhānau partnered with WORK180

Women’s unpaid work is a significant barrier to achieving pay equality – the planning and coordination involved in ensuring home and family life runs smoothly is an enormous, invisible component of this burden.

myWhānau is proud to partner with WORK180 to help reduce women’s mental load, encourage shared responsibility for unpaid work, and support progressive organisations to move the dial and close the gender pay gap.

We are
offering WORK180 Endorsed Employers the opportunity to trial our solution for their employees. To find out more, get in touch with Michelle Forster at

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