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In an industry that is a traditionally male domain, Wayfinder is changing the status quo. We believe that achieving a better gender balance in supply chains will result in business that is more successful.

The Wayfinder initiative aims to increase the visibility of careers in the supply chain and logistics industry, breaking down industry stereotypes and rethinking talent acquisition, retention and promotion in supply chain and logistics.

Wayfinder: Supply Chain Careers for Women is a national game changing initiative designed to create a new talent pipeline for Australia’s supply chain and logistics sector. Developed by the Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics at Deakin University in partnership with industry sponsors, Wayfinder focuses on talent in an industry that faces a challenge in regenerating its workforce with the right skills to remain globally competitive.

Interested in a career in supply chain and logistics?

The Supply Chain Career Map outlines the education pathways to the wide range of supply chain careers.

The Supply Chain Fundamentals Course is designed to equip participants with a solid understanding of key concepts and developments in supply chain management and why they matter for businesses and society.