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Social Babes Co.

Social Babes Co. is the #1 community for ambitious womxn who are focused on taking control of their life, following their dreams, and securing the bag. We are all about glowing and growing together, as well as creating a space where womxn can uplift, inspire and educate each other. 


If you are ready to finally find your #girlgang, follow your dreams, and secure the bag while doing it... our community is for you! 

Babes Who Connect - Networking Event! 

Are You Ready to Turn Your Net-werk Into Your Net-worth?

Now introducing Babes Who Connect, a Social Babes Co exclusive networking event created to hold space for powerhouse babes like you to network every single week.

What You Can Expect...

  • Network with other powerhouse social babes 
  • Pitch your business / brand 
  • Grow your social following & network 
  • Be fired up with lots of hype girl energy 

... this weekly event is pretty much for any powerhouse womxn who wants to link arms with other powerhouse womxn & build the business of their dreams!


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We can’t wait to see you there!! 

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