Business Case for DEI Toolkit
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are too important to get wrong. The Business Case for DEI Toolkit is here to help you ‘get it right’ by gaining genuine buy-in from the very beginning. You’ll find up-to-date reading, the latest resources, and downloadable templates to help you pitch for a strategic partnership that will ensure the changes you make have a real and lasting impact.
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About the DEI toolkit

The business case for diversity is clear and companies around the world are committing big budgets to make it happen. But the gender pay gap is persisting, the gender ethnicity pay gap is barely budging, and companies are not seeing results.
The Business Case For DEI Toolkit is here to explain why and help you gain the buy-in you need to get it right from the very beginning. You’ll find the resources you need to understand and explain what it takes to achieve true DEI, implement policies, and — for HR teams lacking the crucial expertise and support for such initiatives — you can use the ready-made template to pitch for a strategic partnership with WORK180.

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What’s in the DEI toolkit?

Business Case for Investing in Women Properly

From the dangers of doing nothing to the damaging impact of getting DEI wrong, we present the facts and figures you need to convince your company to make a genuine investment in women.

A live list of DEI resources

Find all the facts with this up-to-date list of DEI resources, including reports, books, podcasts, and videos — it even includes a clever pay gap calculator!

A DEI policy template

A diversity, equity, and inclusion policy is a clear commitment to positive change. Use our free template to create and implement your very own DEI policy today.

A DEI business case template

Ready to present your case for a DEI partnership? We’ve got you covered with an editable presentation and printable document.

The ROI cheat sheet for DEI

Predicting numbers around DEI is hard, but not impossible. This simple guide provides the calculations you need to compare the basic cost-benefit of a DEI partnership.

How to use the toolkit

The need for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all companies is urgent, but that doesn’t mean your initiatives should be rushed. In fact, implementing quick fixes such as one-size-fits-all training courses and superficial social posts can do more harm than good.

This toolkit will provide you with the information you need to lay the foundations for genuine DEI initiatives, which can be supported, sustained, and amplified with WORK180.



By reading the whitepaper and exploring the recommended resources, you can approach stakeholders and kick-start conversations with complete confidence.



Circulate the resources beyond the HR department to gain the company-wide buy-in you need. You can also use the policy template to collaborate and create a DEI policy that everyone really believes in.



Use the presentation, printable document, or both to present a convincing business case for WORK180’s support, which will ensure your initiatives have a real and long-lasting impact.

Download your free Business Case for DEI Toolkit today

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