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Diversity fatigue? Here are some words of wisdom from the experts
Diversity fatigue? Here are some words of wisdom from the experts

The phrase ‘diversity fatigue’ can conjure up complaints of “awkward conversations'' or social media comments from people that are “tired of hearing about it”. However, diversity fatigue is also used to describe the exhaustion, despair, and a (worryingly) potential...

A guide to address intersectionality at work for LGBTQI+  women*
A guide to address intersectionality at work for LGBTQI+ women*

Women* members of the LGBTQI+** community share what they want and need from employers in order to feel supported and respected in the workplace. Share this guide to ignite the conversation about intersectionality at your organization.  Cupcakes are cute, stickers are...

The new WORK180 website: A message from our CEOs
The new WORK180 website: A message from our CEOs

It’s been devastating to see the events of 2020/21 play out across the globe. Among all the other heartache, the pandemic has posed a major setback for gender equity in the workplace. At WORK180, we’ve used this time to double down on our own focus and ensure that...


Love listening and learning from the experiences of other women in the workplace? So do we! Sharing their struggles, solutions, and success stories, we sit down with the women and men working for our Endorsed Employers.

Sandvik: Paving the way to disability confidence
Sandvik: Paving the way to disability confidence

Disability confident organizations play a leading role in changing people’s lives for the better. In creating a supportive, positive and inclusive environment for all, they proactively and positively influence workplace behavior and culture. Not to mention, they have...

How to engage tech customers with the human touch – Cenitex
How to engage tech customers with the human touch – Cenitex

Burnout. Motherhood. Tough conversations. Sometimes, balancing work and life can feel like a superhuman effort! But if there’s one thing Jordy Ughetti, Head of Customer Experience at Cenitex has realized, it’s that at the end of the day, we’re all human. And it’s the...

Sales leadership at NetApp
Sales leadership at NetApp

Louise Breccione-Mattuci is a real foodie. She lives on a property of five acres outside of Melbourne where she can grow her own food, has a menagerie of animals – chickens, ducks, sheep, a dog – and makes salami annually with her Italian husband. She’s also the...

Cybersecurity and development at Cisco
Cybersecurity and development at Cisco

Corien Vermaak is engaging and energetic. She loved being active with her children and spends time cycling, golfing, swimming and surfing with her two boys. She brings her incredible energy to her role as Cybersecurity Specialist at Cisco, where they say she is a...

A customer focus with Okta
A customer focus with Okta

Hema Huchegowda is Okta’s first Customer Centric Engineer in Australia. She joined them after returning from the USA to Australia, and she’s been promoted and developed to have a fulfilling career next to the Aussie ocean! Customer centric engineering We can...

Discovering what a Product Manager does at SafetyCulture
Discovering what a Product Manager does at SafetyCulture

Rebecca Cooper is a Principal Product Manager at SafetyCulture and she knew she was in the right place only a few weeks into the role. We chatted about her career journey, the team at SafetyCulture and making an impact. Falling into a tech career Rebecca didn’t start...

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Do you ever find it tough to take control of your career? You’re not the only one and you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve got a range of free tools to help.

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10 online tools to help you create the perfect resume

Two women at table in meeting

7 tips for women entering the workforce

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5 tips on how to negotiate your salary and get the pay rise you deserve

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5 survival tips for mums returning to work

Man and woman in interview

Top 10 interview questions from experienced hiring managers

Woman sitting staring at her screen

Practical tools for managing anxiety at work


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