Proposal Writer II


Location: Remote - US only

Job Type: Full time


Job Summary

Prepares high-quality, customized proposals, presentations, and bids for smaller or less complex group cases; works closely with more experienced underwriters to learn Aflac Group’s products and processes; assists in the enhancement of proposals to increase win rate; researches, compiles, writes, edits, and proofreads proposals, bids, and other written documents

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

    With limited supervision, and in accordance with established policies and procedures, relies on knowledge of commonly used concepts and practices in the preparation of high-quality, RFP Spreadsheets and formal RFPs, customized proposals, presentations, and bids working in conjunction with underwriters and sales professionals

    • Observes and assists more experienced team members underwrite yearly renewals of group cases and/or review individual account underwriting cases based on thorough analysis of the group’s financial condition, participation percentage, type of industry, participating employee demographics, and past claim experience

    • Identify and communicate recommend improvements of processes and information for bid and proposal packages; comprehends prospective client requirements; researches and drafts responses to formal Request For Proposal (RFP) questions enhancing the responses to meet or exceed the client’s requirements positioning Aflac to win

    • Coordinates with subject matter experts within marketing and other divisions in the enhancement of proposals to increase win rate; in partnership with the Underwriters, communicates bid information to sales personnel; increases percentage of bids won

    • Researches, compiles, writes, edits, and proofreads proposals, bids, and other written documents, as requested by the sales and management; validates contractual and documentation packages for quality, accuracy, persuasiveness, and compliance with company practices

    • Integrates the various pieces of information gathered from all departments into a comprehensive presentation; creates and modifies graphics to convey ideas, methodologies, and approaches

    • Maintains the internal archive of proposal documents, product information, correspondence, and other proposal information; organizes and maintains proposal and product data using print and electronic tools to ensure that current and accurate information is captured appropriately

    • Provides research, administration, and coordination for all forms of proposal research; provides reports based on findings; locates statistical data and interprets in various formats to the team and/or management

    • Resolves problems and answer questions from sales professionals pertaining to assigned proposals; works independently to analyze issues to determine best solutions; sets priorities, plans and organizes workload, and meets established deadlines; maintains consistent communication with the Undewrwriter and Alfac departments to ensure issues are resolved

    • Assists in analyzing risk and financial data to underwrite new business opportunities for smaller or less complex group cases as needed; works closely with more experienced underwriters to learn Aflac’s products and processes

    • Performs other duties as required

    Education & Experience Required

    • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
    • 2 years work related experience

    Or an equivalent combination of education and experience

    Education & Experience Preferred

    • Experience writing in a business environment
    • Insurance industry experience

    Job Knowledge & Skills

    • Passionate agile practitioner with a solid understanding agile values and principles

    • Demonstrated leadership skills, ownership and commitment for deliverables

    • Excellent communication and facilitation skills, enthusiastic and assertive

    • Experience working with and understanding the needs of customers

    • Is knowledgeable about the product and product domain and able to transfer ideas into valuable features


    • Acting with Integrity - Clearly states goals and beliefs; lets people know his/her true intentions; does what he she said they would do; follows through on commitments
    • Communicating Effectively - Expresses ideas and information in a clear and concise manner; tailors message to fit the interests and needs of the audience; delivers information in a manner that is interesting and compelling to the listener
    • Pursuing Self-Development - Demonstrates ambition and desire to move forward in his/her career; engages others in discussions about career development; seeks feedback on ways to increase his/her performance; takes advantage of opportunities to build new skills and capabilities
    • Serving Customers - Builds strong relationships with customers; stays aware of customer needs, concerns and satisfaction; responds promptly to customer questions and requests; effectively manages
    • Supporting Change - Enthusiastically participates in new change initiatives and programs; focuses on reasons why changes will work and how they will be beneficial
    • Supporting Organizational Goals - Actively supports organizational goals and values; demonstrates enthusiasm toward the company's goals and mission; aligns actions around organizational goals
    • Working with Diverse Populations - Shows respect for the beliefs and traditions of others; encourages and promotes practices that support cultural diversity; discourages behaviors or practices that may be perceived as unfair, biased, or critical toward people with certain backgrounds
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