Jack Daniel's Bottling - Master Machine Operator - Off Shift Position

Brown Forman

Location: Lynchburg, Tennessee

Job Type: Full time



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Position Responsibilities:
Operates and monitors master machine control panel to guide operations of any eight (8) bottling lines. Maintains appropriate records on equipment such as cleaner, filler, capper, labeler, seal machine, etc. Ensures that all machines are functioning before production begins and are supplied with the correct materials. Maintains a clean, safe work area. Assist lines mechanic in making adjustments and repairs during daily operation. Assist line mechanic in all bottling line equipment changeovers. Assist line mechanic with preventative maintenance done on bottling equipment. Make minor adjustments and repairs as needed to keep bottling line in continuous operation. Monitor and operate Krones and Meyers labelers. Maintains and cleans all (8) bottling lines as required. Works during all scheduled shutdowns as required.

Minimum Requirements:

Industrial maintenance certification from vocational/trade school OR relevant training is required. Able to read at a level that allows employee to understand and follow instructions of diagrams (possibly blue prints). Demonstrated written and oral communication skills. Math knowledge that includes multiplication and division. Must be able to read and understand gauges, calibrated cap torque tester and other measuring devices. The ability to work in an area requiring high concentration, good hearing and vision. Good physical, mechanical, and electrical ability and knowledge. Able to lift at least 50 lbs. Must have good balance and quick movement. Able to work in a team environment. Works continuously in a marked off hazardous area. Continuous exposure to (2) two or more of the following elements: dust, whiskey, machinery fumes, glue fumes, broken glass, spills on floor and some caustic cleaning chemicals. Operates high-pressure air hose to clean bottling lines. Constant exposure to high noise levels (must wear hearing protection). Frequent exposure to climbing. Constantly exposed to moving machinery. High stress work area. Safety eye wear and hearing protection required. Hair restraint (net) required. Must be able to work any shift and/or overtime as required. Candidates must be willing to learn and capable of conforming to hygiene, sanitation, and food safety requirements as described in the Brown-Forman Housekeeping and Sanitation Manual.

Off-Shift positions will include a shift differential pay.

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