Principal Software Engineer


Location: Remote, Oregon

Job Type: Full time

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Perfection not required
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Our mission is to unlock the collaborative power of communities by making Web3 universally easy to use, access, and build on.

There are perks to building the digital economy of tomorrow:

  • Remote first: You’ll be joining a team based all over the world. Providing the unique opportunity to work with people from across 6 continents.
  • Equity: We believe in ownership and want everyone to have a stake in our future success, that’s why you’ll receive equity when you join us.
  • Flexible working arrangements: With our global workforce we have fine-tuned asynchronous working which means we have a lot of flexibility in the structure of when we work and how we work together.
  • Competitive benefits: We have a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to make sure we’re looking after you and what matters most.
  • Continuous learning and opportunities: We provide ongoing growth and development through on-the-job learning, and the ConsenSys Advance Program which includes full access to Coursera, bespoke and technical learning programs and ConsenSys Academy, our world-class blockchain and Ethereum program.
  • Unlimited vacation/holidays: We value downtime to recharge and reset, ensuring everyone at ConsenSys has work/life balance. In addition, company-wide we participate in “zero productivity” days to take a break from work, shut down, and sit back and relax.
  • Recognized in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem: Working at ConsenSys is a tremendous reference for your career. You’ll join a network of entrepreneurs and technologists that extends across the global crypto ecosystem.

Working with ConsenSys puts you at the forefront of an evolving paradigm, transforming our society for the better. We fundamentally believe blockchain is the next generation of technology that can lay the foundation for a more just and equitable society.

Blockchain tech is just over 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler and we’re far from reaching our full potential. You’ll get to work on the tools, infrastructure, and apps that scale these platforms to billions of users.

You’ll be constantly exposed to new concepts, ideas, and frameworks from your peers, and as you work on different projects — challenging you to stay at the top of your game. You’ll join a network of entrepreneurs and technologists that reaches the edge of our ecosystem. ConsenSys alumni have moved on to become tech entrepreneurs, CEOs, and team leads at tech companies.

The trust and transparency that blockchain delivers has the potential to change the way the world works.

About the Team

This role is a Principal Software Engineer working on Quorum Blockchain Service, delivering an enterprise-grade consortium blockchain as a PaaS offering.

Quorum Blockchain Service is a fully managed ledger service that gives users the ability to grow and operate blockchain networks at scale in Azure. It provides unified control for both infrastructure management as well as blockchain network governance.

These capabilities require almost no administration, allowing you to focus on app development and business logic rather than allocating time and resources to managing virtual machines and infrastructure. In addition, you can continue to develop your application with the open-source tools and platform of your choice to deliver your solutions without having to learn new skills.

The team is searching for a highly motivated engineer who will join us in making blockchain technology broadly available to enterprise customers and our partners who serve them.


You will lead a team developing a new blockchain service and concept. This is a 100% greenfield opportunity so you will get to bring your best engineering creativity, experiences and leadership to the role unburdened by technical debt. You will have the ability to drive technical implementation, engineering practices and will work closely with your business peers to shape every aspect of the new service and create maximum impact.


What we'd like from you:

    • MINIMUM of 4+ years of experience as a Software Engineer
    • Experience developing, deploying and running Dapps/smart contracts in production on Ethereum mainnet or L2/sidechain (ideally DeFi Dapps/protocols and/or token-based use cases)
    • Knowledge of secure Solidity development patterns for tokens and DeFi protocols
    • Familiarity with DAO concepts and tokens
    • Sound distributed systems fundamentals
    • Experience leading developers by example
    • Ability to work in multiple programming languages
    • Experience with Kubernetes at scale
    • 3+ years of AWS, Azure or GCP experience
    • Good understanding of Javascript ethereum SDKs (web3,js, ethers.js)
    • Good knowledge of most prominent ERC/EIP Ethereum standards
    • Good knowledge of smart contract development tools/frameworks (Truffle, Hardhat)
    • Experience using smart contract auditing tools (MythX, other)
    • Experience working in CI/CD setup
    • High quality and testing standards
    • Great documentation practices


You’ve got this!