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Maintenance Crafts

Hubbell Incorporated

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Job Type: Not Specified


<div ccp_infra_copy_id="6c5694d1-75e8-4dd9-9615-bcc95a8abb5b" ccp_infra_timestamp="1619194161826" ccp_infra_user_hash="1863541579" ccp_infra_version="3" data-ccp-timestamp="1619194161826"> Except for work done by outside contractors, maintenance mechanics shall build, install and maintain buildings, machinery and equipment except for dies and fixtures. In performing the various skills of the trade, diagnoses, corrects, repairs and/or replaces necessary parts. In the galvanizing department the painting, replacement of hooks on racks, greasing and occasional replacement of castings on lines which are in production are done by employees of that department. However, when major inspections and repair of plater conveyors involve overtime work, maintenance mechanics will be given this overtime, unless the entire maintenance department is already working other overtime work.

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<div ccp_infra_copy_id="d715e673-b562-41f1-99f8-e40e772961aa" ccp_infra_timestamp="1619194181067" ccp_infra_user_hash="1863541579" ccp_infra_version="3" data-ccp-timestamp="1619194181067"> JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must have approved IUE journeyman card. Be a graduate apprentice of a certified apprentice program. WORK EXPERIENCE: Supply notarized proof of six years in the trade. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must supply tools usual in the trade. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to climb a ladder and work above ground level.