Global Operational Excellence Lead

Nufarm Americas

Location: Supply Chain

Job Type: Full time


Nuseed delivers VALUE BEYOND YIELD® through dedicated service, locally proven canola, carinata, sorghum and sunflower seed for farm customers and new plant-based solutions for end-use customers globally. Our industry leading Beyond Yield Carinata and Omega-3 Canola products provide a truly sustainable platform recognizing the ever-evolving environmental challenges our world is facing. All of this is core to our global commitment and what sets us apart. Over 300 Nuseed employees work across our global locations, including three world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers. Established in Australia in 2006, Nuseed has grown to offer industry leading germplasm, advanced molecular capabilities, regional R&D and commercial teams in Australia, Europe, North America and South America, and sales in more than 30 countries. Nuseed is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited (AUX: NUF).

Supply Chain excellence is a journey that involves applying the right tools to the right processes. It is expected that this leader will be able to create an environment where employees are provided for in a way that enables them to stay empowered and motivated.

  • Through supply chain excellence, the role should be able to improve the culture and performance, which leads to long-term sustainable growth. It will be critical to identify leading (goals established and monitored, best in class) and lagging (historical data, benchmarking) indicators.
  • The supply chain excellence role will be working towards optimizing costs, increasing productivity, minimizing risks and creating in the company the culture that will allow employees to make better decisions to produce valuable products and services for your customers and achieve long-term sustainable business growth.
  • This role will focus on continuous improvement initiatives driving improvement in Product Quality, Producibility (field and plant), Perfect order (Order and Invoice accuracy, On Time Delivery, order fulfillment) and Cost performance – all while developing excellence culture competency in the organization.
  • Be a liaison between IT and SC for technology improvements and progress on data collection.
  • Work closely with Global IBP team to identify improvement initiatives as well as share regional SC initiatives that should be part of IBP discussions.
  • As the Nuseed SC Model is mostly outsourcing and global sourcing, the deliverables above will mostly be part of the appropriate governance and negotiations with suppliers.

This role’ focus areas should be:

  • Build a Partner Risk (supplier) Management framework: define key considerations for partner risks and how they can be effectively governed by an overarching framework to drive consistent practices across Nuseed.
  • Define processes for yearly partners and supply results assessment, risk and opportunity areas and ensure buy in for its implementation in the regions.
  • Together with Global Supply Chain Analyst and IT to build SC data analysis platform/ KPI monitoring.
  • Revisit processes/ manage local and global initiatives /educate and engage regional execution/ for internal and partners supply processes to be used in yearly critiques for continuous improvement.
  • Together with Global Supply Chain Analyst, Finance and the regions, roll out Cost assessment and management program.

Key Accountabilities

  • Manage and govern strategic partnership agreements jointly with regions impacted.
  • Keep the Global SC strategy and supply plan with the regions evergreen supporting the business.
  • Maintain regional KPI’ s, communicates status to ensure global and regional alignment, decision making, and actions taken.
  • Lead continuous improvement initiatives leveraging cross functional teams to execute the strategy.
  • Ensure continuous improvement competency is embedded at all levels of the regional organization.
  • Contribute to new processes design to ensure effective solutions are considered for improvement.
  • Coordinate projects within and between regions as well as global to ensure alignment, continuity and results are measured and delivered.


  • Has passion for operations and continuous improvement
  • Drives a sense of priority & decisiveness with regards to project execution and solution effectiveness
  • Encourages process rigor & discipline within the manufacturing excellence context
  • Leverages a “systems” approach to continuous improvement and KPI sustainment
  • Develops Manufacturing Excellence competency in the organization
  • Acts as a model of transparency with the highest ethical standards
  • Transforms the technically complex into simple, manageable and stable processes
  • Proactiveness to search for new and beneficial innovation/technologies

Global Operations Footprint

  • Develop a process and tool to capture Nuseed Production footprint – for all crops and regions, internal or outsourcing – historical performance, by product, field and plant, cost monitor reliability, field and plant performance, quality results. Easy to capture new information to continue building the history and be able to see comparable results within and across regions.
  • Facilitate with Breeding and Commercial, Global and Regional Supply Chain lead, a long-range plan to have foresight of volumes and segments growth/changes. That will serve as support for a mid-long term strategic supply plan for all crops;
  • Based on the long-range plan, keep an evergreen process to discuss and update the Sourcing Strategy to sustain the growth/changes and optimize cost and build a plan for short-mid-long-term execution;
  • Drive the process to define a model to license out Nuseed products.
  • Build the governance to continue to adjust plans and make necessary changes as the business progresses and shape based on more profitable opportunities.

Field production and processing-Hybrid

  • Develop guiding principles and a strategy to manage 3Ps in a more consistent way, keeping the most critical requirements and requests part of every negotiation, regardless of crop or region;
  • Define criteria for evaluating 3Ps and have annual reviews with each to address issues, concerns (field and plant) and request upgrades when needed;
  • Identify alternative 3Ps in each region to build the flexibility to transition from current ones to new ones without causing disruption to the business;
  • Develop templates for the regions to approve: crop plans, budget plans, cost management review, KPIs review. Coordinate the approval processes with sub set of Steering team (CFO, Global Sales lead and General Business Manager);
  • Develop best way to monitor production plans progress with the regions (population stands, phenotypical growth, potential disease or natural disaster issues, yield estimates). Define guidance to the teams on when and how to indicate upsides or downsides.
  • Develop the process and template for a crop plan review after closing the season to compare results across regions, share best practices, compare with historical data (growers, technology used, reliability, product quality) in a consistent way and available in a repository.
  • Identify best approach and solution for a timely and easy visibility of 3Ps supply plan and updates.
  • Be an active member of Advancement processes working closely with Breeding to identify success levels and cumulative cost for advanced products.
  • Incorporate Production Research results to historical data and develop the way to identify financial impact of the change.

Parent seed

  • Work together with Parent seed managers to develop a cost management program and be able to minimize yearly cost.

Budget / Goals / Reports

  • Identify ways to value (financially) leading and lagging indicators. Help drive supply chain lower production cost and D&O;
  • Ensure all projects have a financial analysis and be able to prioritize them based on risk adjusted value.


  • Work together with Global QA/QC to evaluate each region’s performance towards defined quality specs and engage teams to come with an action plan to continue to pursue improvements;
  • Facilitate yearly discussions on quality improvement progress.


  • Communicate Yearly the goals and and KPIs to Supply Chain teams;


Coordinate annual critique sessions with each regional team and 3Ps to identify opportunities for improvement and learn from the good results;

  • Build a global network including the Production/Quality Leads to exchange best practices and identify ideas/project to be implemented across. That could be used also as the way to communicate and engage the teams in new policies and procedures.

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