Nufarm Americas

Nufarm Americas

Our North American operation encompasses several business units serving agriculture, turf, ornamental and greenhouse, seed treatment, and industrial vegetation management in the United States and Canada. Nuseed, our global seed business, also has a North American presence.

Our manufacturing and formulation facilities include two plants in the Chicago area and one in Greenville, MS.

In Illinois, our Alsip site, opened in 2013, produces fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, and seed treatments. This state-of-the-art facility includes a full quality control lab, a pilot plant, and unique custom-blend capabilities.

Nufarm Chicago Heights has a colorful history – the site was once an ax handle factory, and later a brewery. Now, the site is undergoing a major re-fit that will transform the site over the next few years. New reactors, new packaging lines, and new office space will make it an even more efficient plant for our high-volume herbicides.

Nufarm North America is headquartered in Alsip, Ill.

Our Greenville plant, which opened towards the end of 2019, is one of the most innovative and advanced crop protection production facilities in the Industry. This plant, and associated warehousing, large Bulk storage capacity, and on-site rail access, allow Nufarm to provide product supply and support for Customers across the entire Southern Tier of the US.

Morrisville, North Carolina, close to Research Triangle Park, is home to our Research and Development, Regulatory, and Marketing teams. This location, with proximity to multiple major universities, boasts a deep pool of local talent for us to attract as we grow our business.

Diversity and Inclusion

Women at Nufarm

Nufarm’s focus on gender diversity is designed to empower all employees by actively addressing the barriers to equality and creating a level playing field and inclusive culture for both men and women.

To this end, we conducted a gender pay analysis was as part of our annual salary and short-term incentive review. The findings showed that most regions' gender pay parity slightly favored female remuneration outcomes for both salary and incentive. We are focused on improving female representation across all areas of the business and the Board considers gender diversity an important factor in its succession planning. Our goal across the Board and senior leadership is to have not less than 30 percent of people of each gender by 2022

"I began my career at Nufarm right out of college and 10 years later I'm still here, which I think, speaks volumes for the type of organization Nufarm is. There is a transparency with management, they trust me to do my job, do it well, as well as encourage me to take time for myself and family. This company has such an inclusive environment and I always feel 'heard' and tremendously supported. I am in awe of Nufarm's evolution and happy to say that I play a part in that. I feel that there is a path for me and my future here. I am always proud to say that I work at Nufarm."
Stephanie McKay
Key Account Manager
Stephanie McKay, Key Account Manager