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Working at Comparative, you will help build the future of analytics where millions of professionals and entrepreneurs are empowered to make decisions with more accuracy, confidence, and speed than ever before.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world data-driven by empowering every person, in every role, across all industries to use data to make important decisions.

What We Do

One Click Data Analysis for Everyone.

Comparative is an automated analytics tool that brings our partners the power of a data science and analytics team. Our tool analyzes a company's entire dataset - every segment, metric, and user is explored - providing complete and trustable answers to their most important business questions, instantly.

We work with some of the fastest growing organizations in the world, including, Mino Games, and Product Hunt.

Why join us

We’re Scaling Fast:

Right now, it is an incredibly unique opportunity to join as one of the earliest employees of a well funded startup that is building the next generation of data analytics, and poised for incredible growth.

We’re Backed by Leading Investors and Advisors:

We’ve raised over 6mm in funding and are backed by leading investors and advisors, including Josh Buckley, Don Mattrick, Bing Gordon and Julian Shapiro.

We’re Committed to an Inclusive and Diverse Culture

Building a diverse team is critical to our company culture. Across 17 employees, we make up 11 nationalities. We are committed to building an organization representative of the society we live, inclusive of all gender identity, race, religions, disability and more.

Our Values

We Take Care of Each Other

We work hard to build an environment in which our colleagues feel like they belong, that they are safe, and that they are supported by everyone around them – no matter the team, seniority, or job description.

We Focus on Process - Results Follow

Process might sound boring or restrictive, but actually focusing on building a good process together is the key to doing anything well. Don't worry about your velocity, worry about your acceleration. Slow down to speed up.

We are Hungry to Learn

Learning is at the core of who we are. We are hungry to improve ourselves. Together we strive for improvement - we’re all scaling a mountain, and when we reach the summit, we use that viewpoint to look for a taller mountain climb.

We Decide using Data, not Opinions

Our purpose is to empower all people to make better decisions by making data-driven reasoning more accessible. This starts with us. At Comparative, we are not interested in opinions or hypotheticals, instead, we're interested in data and results.

Our product

Comparative is the first tool to completely automate data analysis. In a single click, you can do what would take a team of data analysts weeks to do.

In its beta, Comparative has totally transformed data analysis for our clients, by enabling every role (community, engineering, product, and analysis) to understand instantly and talk candidly about what is happening. Comparative shows them the “why” behind critical business questions like “Why conversions dropped 15% this week”.

"With one click, anyone will be able to do what currently takes a team of analysts and engineers months. Forget schemas, clusters, deployment, complex etls, scheduled jobs, data warehouses, queries, sql, machine learning, data wrangling – this will all be replaced by a simple, vertically integrated workflow anyone can follow."

- Sasha MacKinnon | CEO & Founder