Who are we?

Brighte is on a mission to make every home sustainable. Recognised as one of Australia’s fastest-growing tech companies, Brighte’s sustainable homes platform is helping Australians bring home the benefits of solar energy to accelerate home electrification. Founded in 2015, Brighte has to date helped over 80,000 households get solar sooner, partnering with over 2,000 SMEs nationally and processing over $1 billion in applications for household energy finance.

A purpose-led business supporting the power shift to the home, Brighte reduces household CO2 emissions each year by more half a million tonnes with its residential energy solutions and has facilitated the installation of more than 500MW of new solar new generation so far.

Focusing on solar, battery, electric vehicles, home electrification and retailing solar power, Brighte is bringing home the power of the sun and making the benefits of clean energy accessible and affordable to Australian families. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Brightening our Community

Brighte is an active contributor to the local community and has raised money for charities such as Movember, RSPCA, MOFA, Food Bank NSW, through employee engagement events. Additional team building events have been organised for planting trees and a Pay It Forward With Kindness Initiative. We continue to work with the local cafes near our Sydney Head Office and encourage employees to enjoy a coffee/lunch which is pre-paid by Brighte as a way of supporting our local community.

At Brighte, we have five key values:

🏐 Call the Ball We take ownership, think with initiative and challenge the status quo

💡 Brighter Together We’re collaborators who treat each other with respect and embrace our differences

🏆 Deserve the Customer We’re obsessed with solving customer problems

🤓 Be Human We’re authentic and not afraid to be ourselves

🌱 Think Big, Stay Green We’re scaling but we haven’t lost our start up hustle

""I believe there are so many people in corporates and in tech companies who would love to use their skills for a business that's contributing to a better climate future. So, my job as Chief People Officer is finding those people and a way to empower them to make a career decision based on their personal values.""
Kirstin Hunter
Chief People Officer
Kirstin Hunter, Chief People Officer

What is a Flexible working arrangement at Brighte?

A flexible working arrangement is an ongoing arrangement that is different to your contract of employment.  For example, it may include:

  • Changing hours of work (e.g. less hours or personlised start & finish times)
  • Changing patterns of work (e.g. job sharing, compressed working week or working part time)
  • Changing the place of work (e.g. working from home)

It is not a one-off or ad-hoc change in your day to day work patterns.

Supporting Gender Equity

Brighte’s new paid parental leave policy includes:

  • Gender-neutral paid parental leave of 20 weeks during the first 2 years of birth, adoption or fostering regardless of gender. This includes the parents of a stillbirth child,
  • An additional 4 weeks paid leave for the birth parent. This acknowledges the physical impact on birthing parents. Without this, recovering from birth can take up a good chunk of parental leave, with many parental leave arrangements leaving little time left to enjoy being a new parent,
  • Paid parental leave is available as soon as employees pass their 6-month probation and for our recent parents, Brighte is backdating the policy for 24 months,
  • Brighte will continue to pay superannuation during parental leave for up to 12 months,
  • A Return To Work baby bonus of $500 to help offset the cost of things like pumps, setting up a home office, etc. 
  • All flexible working options supported, including Job Share Options, Part-Time, Flexi or Reduced Hours, Compressed Work Weeks,
  • Internal initiatives to support employees before they go parental leave, how to support employees while on parental leave, and how to support them coming back to work.  

Initiatives in place to support Pay Equity

The Brighte remuneration principles are:

  • 1. FAIRNESS: Pay fairly for the skills and experience the person brings to the role and Brighte.
  • 2. MARKET: Relative to the market based on comparing similar roles and size organisations to determine a fair market value. Our aim is to pay ‘at market’ for all roles.
  • 3. INTERNAL RELATIVITY: Pay relative to other internal roles of similar responsibility.
  • 4. CAPACITY: According to our financial capacity and capability, we allocate a budget that we can afford according to our company financial capacity.

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