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JOB TITLE & POST No: Operations & Rail Supervisor


DEPARTMENT: Rail Operations

LOCATION: Manchester

REPORTS TO: Operations & Rail Supervisor ‘D’/ Operations Manager


1. Purpose of Job

Ensure train departure PDX checks are carried out to the relevant safety standards.

Supervise the daily operation of the Terminal in the main crane and loading ancillary areas. Liaise with the Operations & Rail Supervisor ‘D’ ensuring a workable daily train plan of the Terminal. Roster operational staff and equipment to ensure continuous and efficient operation of the Terminal.


2. Dimensions of the Job

2.1 Direct Budget None.

Staff Responsibilities Refer to organizational chart.

Principal Safety Accountabilities

Carry out safety, quality and documentation checks of trains in accordance with Railtrack and F/L Regulations. Co-ordinate the work of the shift handling team. Rail shunting and operation of lifting equipment.

Ensure safe loading/unloading of trains is carried out in accordance with Network Rail and F/L regulations.

Ensure safe working environment within his/her area of responsibility.


3. Safety Responsibility Statement

Responsible for own safety as is reasonable, must adhere to all policy rules, location LWI or other guidance affecting role. Ensuring that advice is sought when required from line Manager or safety department or others. Ensure that accidents, incidents or any perceived unsafe acts are reported timeously

4. Principal Activities

4.1 Organise and carry out the safe departure and arrival of all trains.

4.2 Discuss with the Shift Operations Manager and then organise the daily train plan.

4.3 Ensure storage/stacking of containers is carried out in accordance with laid down procedures.

4.4 Ensure that a physical stock check takes place from main crane areas, loaded ancillary areas and trailer park once per day.

4.5 Advise Traffic Office of container locations.

4.6 Check that all containers presented for rail transit are safe to travel and regulations are complied with.

4.7 Ensure that all lifting equipment is operated safely and any defects are reported to the Shift Engineer and Shift Operations Manager

4.8 Be able and willing to operate all items of lifting equipment (including IMVs) after training

4.9 Assist the Shift Operations Manager in the co-ordination of emergency and evacuation procedures.

4.10 Manage the work of the MSOs and any other operational staff ensuring standards are maintained and any training needs are identified.

4.11 Carry out pre-departure/post-arrival checks and arrange for any necessary action to be taken to ensure the standards set by Freightliner Limited Rules and Regulations are maintained.

4.12 Supervise shunting activities to maximise the efficiency of loading and unloading of all trains.

4.13 Keep the Shift Manager informed about any problems that could affect the train departures, ensuring corrective action can be taken within timescales.

4.14 Ensure that ALL trains leave the Terminal completely full of containers whenever possible.

4.15 Co-ordinate and direct the work of staff to ensure unloading/loading of trains and the movement of containers. Maintain use of rail mounted and ancillary cranes and I.M.V. equipment to meet customer requirements and priorities.

4.16 Initiate safety checks of tanks and containers to ensure that safety and security requirements are met and certificated. Undertake random seal checks

4.17 Ensure that all staff under his/her control are adequately trained suitably equipped and work safely

4.18 Produce full and accurate disposed lists for all inward containers.

4.19 Undertake other duties as directed by a member of Management commensurate with the post.

4. Experience and knowledge requirement

  • Experience in Crane Operations.

  • Experience in Freightliner Limited’s Rules and Regulations and Local Working Instructions.

  • Proven Man-Management Skills.

5. Qualifications and training (including safety)

1. Specific Training Courses to be attended:-

Fire Safety training

Local Safety Induction

COSHH Appreciation

Dangerous Goods Awareness

Safe Loading Techniques (Working Manual for Rail Staff green pages)

Shunting course

Personal Track Safety training and certificated on completion of training.

2. Statutory Duties

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations

Transport and Works Act 1992

Workplace Regulations

Work Equipment Regulations

Personal Protective Equipment Regulations

Carriage of Explosives by Rail

Carriage of Dangerous Substances in Packages

Carriage of Dangerous Substances in Tanks and Tank Containers

RIDDOR Regulations

3. Safety Documentation required:-

Appropriate Railtrack Rules & Regulations

Local Working Instructions

Track Safety Handbook

Working Manual for Rail Staff white, pink pages

Access to Statutory documentation as listed and other relevant publications held at Terminal.

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