Every company is only as good as its employees, and our dedicated team of over 2,000 highly experienced, motivated and qualified people truly make a difference.

At Freightliner, our employees are part of a legacy that is more than 50 years old and are directly empowered to uphold the reputation of our company by helping to carry out our Core Purpose and realise our Core Values.

We invest in the development of our people and, throughout your career, you will be supported and encouraged all the way so that you are able to achieve your full potential whilst maintaining a positive work life balance.

Freightliner is a leading rail freight operator and the largest haulier of maritime transport containers in the UK, transporting over 700,000 containers every year. Essential to maintaining our success is our dedicated team of committed and reliable individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and experience required for their roles.

That is why we employ the best in the industry – those who show the determination, can-do attitude and levels of safety and integrity that we expect from our employees.

We have a highly respected and experienced team within the UK rail industry, from Train Drivers to Ground Staff, and from Engineers to Control Team colleagues, every member of the Freightliner family works together for success.

We continue to invest in cutting-edge technology, facilities and rolling stock, ensuring our new and existing colleagues can flourish in a safe and innovative environment. We are constantly expanding and upgrading to further our capabilities as a company. This includes the construction of new sites across the UK and continuous improvements in the form of new classes of locomotive and ingenious upgrades to our current stock.

We know that a strong future is a sustainable future. That is why, at Freightliner, we always seek to minimise our footprint on the environment and the communities we work in. With each freight train removing up to 76 lorries from our busy roads, we play an important role in helping to reduce road congestion.

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with adaptability and innovation, which is why we are proud to be at the forefront of new technologies. Not only this, but we have streamlined our processes and introduced cutting-edge applications to make life easier for our staff.

We offer all employees a competitive salary, considerable career progression and the opportunity to join the final salary pension scheme which can guarantee income on retirement.

Join our team and we will support you to progress not only professionally, but personally too. Our dedicated Training and Development Team work tirelessly to bring opportunities for individual and team growth to our people, while our generous paid leave policies ensure a positive work-life balance.

We consistently promote ways to maintain and improve our employees’ health and wellbeing, which is why we put the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in place. The EAP offers free, confidential, 24/7 support to Freightliner employees and their families. More than just counselling, this service provides 24hr assistance with services such as health or stress assessments, childcare support, fitness advice and even legal services such as will-writing.

We also offer a wide range of benefits intended to suit you and the needs of your family through our employee benefit scheme.

Now in its eleventh year, Freightliner’s staff charitable nomination scheme has seen more than £150,000 in donations shared out to charities across the continent. Every nomination has a personal connection to at least one of our colleagues – from hospices to hospital trusts, local charities to national and international organisations – each one has been recognised for its positive impact on our people.

As part of our commitment to supporting our colleagues both in their work-life and outside of their 9-5, in 2019 we also began sponsoring sports clubs across the UK with a connection to our staff.

"I have found that Genesee & Wyoming UK keeps equality and diversity on track by providing a welcoming and diverse environment with opportunities for everyone from all walks of life. I have found my two years with the company working for both Pentalver and Freightliner enjoyable, with a different challenge every day."
Charlotte Broughton
Assistant HSSE Business Partner - Rail
Charlotte Broughton, Assistant HSSE Business Partner - Rail
"Freightliner have a brand and a corporate identity to match any train operator in the country. On my first day I had my full uniform including all safety equipment, alongside my company iPad and phone. My training has been delivered by experienced professionals throughout, and I’m so pleased I made the switch from passenger to freight! I have more time off than I’ve had at any other stage in my career which means I have the time and energy to follow up on interests, hobbies, friends and family. This was always such a struggle before. Even better, my time at work is filled with more routes and more traction - this variety keeps things fresh and interesting!"
Heather Waugh
Train Driver – Intermodal
Heather Waugh, Train Driver – Intermodal
"When I started in engineering it was a ‘man’s world’, but at Freightliner, I’m part of a diverse workforce which looks out for each other. Ultimately, I’m challenged every day and it’s the responsibility I’m given which keeps my role interesting. No matter the task, I feel safe and supported when I come to work. "
Terri-Ann Westerman
Mechanical and Electrical Fitter, Freightliner
Terri-Ann Westerman, Mechanical and Electrical Fitter, Freightliner
"In the rail industry, we can also help Samaritans by looking out for passengers and each other. Christmas time can be a very busy and hard time for some people. I always try to be extra vigilant and talk to people that might need help. But I think we should remember to take time for ourselves too. There’s always a pressure to think of others and get everyone the best presents – but we can make a difference in small ways like supporting small businesses or donating to charity."
Amy Matthews
Trainee Shunt Driver
Amy Matthews, Trainee Shunt Driver