Process Improvement Associate - Market Operations Digital Innovation & Strategy

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


Your responsibilities as the Intelligent Automation Business Analyst and Developer will be as follows:

  • Identifying the manual touchpoints across operations
  • Establishing the root cause and the reason for the manual touchpoints to exist
  • Collaborating with the technology and transformation partner to agree upon the strategic solution
  • Developing the appropriate tactical solution and its place in the operations workflow
  • Selecting the best digital tool available to solve for this, such as, UiPath, Alteryx, Xceptor, Robotics
  • Constructing the solution with these tools
  • Creating and ensuring the right controls and governance are in place around these solutions
  • Recognising disruptive technologies available in the market to help shape the future of our operations


Essential Skills:

  • Strategic mindset: Capacity to look at things with a broader perspective, understanding the direction that the business and markets are headed and align that with the smallest of the processes being performed in the operations.
  • Advanced SharePoint Development utilizing Java to create integrated web applications
  • Intelligent Automation Experience: An understanding of existing Intelligent Automation tools both within the firm and externally that can be leveraged to drive Innovation. Experience in tools such as Alteryx, Xceptor, Qlikview, Tableau, UIPath, Python, Data Science Tools etc are a definite plus.
  • Analytical Skills: Examine large data sets and processes and draw out trends, patterns and behaviours
  • Stakeholder Management: Excellent network management skills required to maintain a fruitful relationship with multiple stakeholders at all levels from the most senior to the most junior member
  • Influencing skills: Drive the decision making with the key stakeholders to meet the strategic objectives
  • Independence: motivated to work independently with a clear set of objectives and minimal need for supervision
  • Collaboration Mindset: Facilitating a collaborative approach from both senior and mid-level management stakeholders across a large organisation to get agreement on direction and approach of Innovation
  • Communication skills: Should have excellent written and oral communication skills. Being able to explain complex ideas and stories in simple terms
  • Project management: Bringing some project management experience will be preferential as it will help establish key milestones and aid communication of successes and issues faced along the way.
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