Software Engineering - Fusion Cloud Test Architect

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


Perfection not required
Excited about this role, but not sure if you meet 100% of the criteria? Employers would still love to hear from you.

1. Build and support automation of test cases and embed these within delivery pipelines.

2. Strong AWS Platform Skills - Compute (EKS,EC2,etc), Databases (Aurora MySQL,RDS Oracle,RedShift), ELB ,etc

3. Good with Python/Java and Shell Scripting

4. Good Understanding of Kubernetes; able to work using kubectl commands to debug and check application health

5. Exposure to debug applications using centrallized logging (Splunk/ElasticSearch)

6. Strong debugging skills - AWS IAM access related issues, network connectivity issues , etc

Good To Have Skills -

1. Basic SQL Knowledge

2. Understanding of AWS Networking related services - VPC,Subnets,Endpoints,etc

3. Understanding of NoSQL databases including Graph Databases (Neo4j.etc)

4. Exposure to monitor/set up alerts using AWS CloudWatch event rules , Datadog ,etc

5. Knowledge on AWS boto3 library to automate operational tasks in AWS

5. Good understanding of Infrastructure As Code (IAC) tools - Terraform, Cloudformation,etc

You’ve got this!