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Agility Scrum Master

JP Morgan

Location: Dorset

Job Type: Full time


The Agility coach leverages foundational coaching techniques and knowledge of core agility methodologies to guide product execution and delivery. Coaching may extend beyond the boundaries of the aligned product to develop and share knowledge of the product development lifecycle.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of agile ways of working in Product team through coaching, influencing, teaching and participating in Community of Practice activities, therefore enabling Product team to deliver business outcomes
  • Working with Product Teams and across the organization, enhancing the understanding the value of agility, especially with regards to ensuring prioritization of workflow and updating the product backlog
  • Support Product Team with agility, relevant tools and methodologies to successfully deliver complex Products; guides the team to self-management and cross functionality
  • Build a trusting, safe and transparent environment for both business and tech stakeholders, where problems can be raised during appropriate scrum events, without fear of blame, and with a culture of continuous improvement

Key Responsibilities:

Optimize the groups way of working:

  • Work with all group members and stakeholders to help them fully understand and commit to group goals
  • Improve group processes and structures for better alignment, coordination, transparency and to reduce waste and optimize for efficiencies taking a data-driven approach
  • Monitor group performance and health and facilitate conversations when intervention/changes are needed
  • Help the group implement organizational changes, and share feedback when changes don't work as expected
  • Help guide the group in experimentation

Facilitate and remove impediments:

  • Enable identification and removal of impediments to group performance and health
  • Facilitate problem-solving and decision-making with colleagues inside and outside the group
  • Communicate inside and outside the group
  • Facilitate group events and workshops (as appropriate given the group’s maturity)

Shape a healthy, thriving group culture:

  • Create a culture centered on trust, transparency, continuous improvement and empowerment
  • Help to increase the group’s psychological safety using coaching behavior inside and outside the group
  • Help to build a culture of collaboration including establishing feedback loops within and outside of the group

Coach and teach:

  • Know the group's customers, products and technologies sufficiently well to engage in problem solving and be a group spokesperson
  • Coach group leader, stakeholders, other Agility Coaches and where appropriate, group members on how to adopt and optimize their way of working to increase impact and improve performance and health. Aim to coach oneself out of the role
  • Teach (or bring in teachers) to improve the group's practices, leveraging WOW, Agile (scaling, enterprise, etc.), Design, DevOps, Lean and other approaches

Desired Skills:

Facilitation: Demonstrates techniques for engaging an audience, balancing the conversation, and being neutral to work towards agreed upon goals/outcomes (problem solving, prioritization, decision making, mediation)

Development Lifecycle Knowledge: Applies knowledge and awareness of delivering new or enhanced systems, applications, software, or products throughout the respective phases of a development lifecycle. (CI/CD, testing, requirements gathering, system/application/product design)

Lean Agile Process Knowledge: Demonstrates foundational knowledge of various agile frameworks (e.g., Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe) and is experienced in using the lean agile processes / methodologies to enable agile environments and support the development of products and delivering services (e.g., oversight of a distinct portfolio of work, prioritizes and identifies trade-off decisions, triages issues).