Climate Risk Macro-Economic Lead - Executive Director

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


As part of Risk Management and Compliance, you are at the centre of keeping JPMorgan Chase strong and resilient. You help the firm grow its business in a responsible way by anticipating new and emerging risks, and using your expert judgement to solve real-world challenges that impact our company, customers and communities. Our culture in Risk Management and Compliance is all about thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo and striving to be best-in-class.

You will be joining J.P. Morgan’s Climate Risk Management team who are responsible for developing the firm’s approach to climate-related risk management, including both transition and physical risks. You will bring strong data, research and communication skills to the team to support the build-out of climate risk capabilities across the firm. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to an exciting and rapidly evolving field within the financial services industry, with high focus and visibility within J.P. Morgan.

You will also be interfacing with a variety of internal counterparts across the firm, learning about the many aspects relevant in assessing the potential implications of climate change on a large and global financial institution such as JPMorgan Chase.

A very strong track record of ownership and accountability will be key to the success of this role. You should be able to demonstrate participating in a large-scale initiative with high impact. More specifically, demonstrate having deployed relationship building skills, with a superior ability for execution; worked effectively within an agile environment; earned credibility by leading and persuading others, while positively influencing the outcome of team efforts.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and drive the strategy for assessing the impact of climate change including transition policies and physical impacts on national economies
  • Lead the development of and create the framework for climate risk driven macro-economic variables via an in-house analytical and model-driven approac
  • Develop internal climate risk macro-scenarios and expand scenario variables to meet internal stakeholders’ downstream models requirement
  • Sensitising existing NGFS climate risk scenarios to help build and evolve the internal climate risk scenario framework
  • Interrogate, assess and choose appropriate external macro-economic model
  • Coordinate with central data and modelling teams to source required data, develop climate scenario models, and determine how to best integrate climate risk data into BAU risk models

Required qualifications, capabilities and skills

  • Extensive experience in using general equilibrium modelling or similar macro-economic modelling techniques, including climate scenario modelling
  • Familiarity with conventional climate scenario modelling and tools, including NiGEM, Simulation Models and Probabilistic Models is desirable
  • PhD in (macro-)economics or equivalent
  • Excellent analytical skills and comfortable working large datasets; expertise in time series econometrics is required
  • Knowledge of climate-related risks and experience with modelling transmission channels within an economy
  • Working experience with transition scenarios, e.g. NGFS, IEA, etc.
  • Highly effective in narrating the analytical output to senior stakeholders, with an ability to convey information clearly, accurately and succinctly (both written and verbally)

Preferred qualifications, capabilities, and skills

  • Managerial experience in form of people manager responsibilities and/or leading a (scientific) projects
  • Understanding of climate related physical impacts on macro-economic variables
  • Proficient with coding in various languages; Python/R experience a plus
  • Demonstrated relationship building skills, with a superior ability to make things happen through the use of positive influence
  • Ability to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and gain credibility and respect of others. Lead and persuade others while positively influencing the outcome of team efforts.
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