Senior Staff Front-End Engineer

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


Project Description

We are not your standard bank, we are a house of innovation! We are part of the team that launched Chase as a new UK bank in 2021, and are now building a new team in a new department with big ambitions. More details will be provided during the interview but for now we can enthusiastically say: It’s challenging, it’s high stakes, it’s fun!

Our team is at the heart of building this new venture, focused on developing products that put the customer at the centre. We have created a new organisation with diverse professionals that come from a wide set of skills, backgrounds and experiences, including b2b and b2c businesses. We want people that are exceptional at what they do.


Team members have broad autonomy to collaborate and work in a cross-functional way and we value your opinion in every matter; so if you are a Software Engineer and you want to get involved in Infrastructure - please do! Or a Designer and want to help with user testing - go for it! Teams own their work end-to-end and we have a flat organisational structure. We are about bringing new products to market that solve real world problems for real life customers, not just innovation for the sake of innovation.

Our inclusive culture is hugely important to us and we are looking for intellectually curious, compassionate people who would like to expand their skills whilst working on a new exciting venture for the firm. We are human first; we love working with each other, and we need personal connections and in-person bonding. We find we are happier, more motivated and more productive this way.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of we'd encourage you to read on and apply, even if the job description isn't an exact match for you, we can promise to review your application and let you know if there is anything that might be suitable in the future!


Act as a front-end specialist, putting your expertise to the service of your team, to delight our customers in a way that is viable for the business. Enhance and evolve our codebase, so that it remains a strategic asset and a competitive advantage.

Key Outcomes

  1. Ensure our multi-platform codebase runs smoothly on the Web.
  2. Structure the app so that it's easy to understand, test and evolve.
  3. Develop secure code so that our customers and ourselves are protected from malicious actors.
  4. Ensure roll-outs are quick and safe to revert.
  5. Enable us to perform A/B testing and per-user and/or per region dynamic configuration.
  6. Structure the app to work across a range of browsers, and to reject unsupported configurations.
  7. Promptly investigate and fix issues and ensure they do not resurface in the future.
  8. Keep an eye on performance, making sure we use the right approach to identify and solve problems.
  9. Keep us up to date by continuously updating our technologies and patterns.

Core Competencies

  • Ownership. Identifies problems, proposes solutions, suggests what's best to focus on. Sees themselves as a problem solver. Contributes to the problem at hand, even when outside their area of speciality.
  • Collaboration. Loves working within a co-located team. Enjoys pairing and mobbing programming. Doesn't compete with peers. Shares their knowledge and understanding with everybody.
  • Adaptability. Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change. Learns and unlearns technologies and patterns quickly. Comfortable in uncharted waters.
  • Long-term thinking. Doesn't sacrifice the future for the present. Chooses technologies and approaches based on the end goals.
  • High standards. Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best. Hires A Players. Never stops learning.
  • Integrity. Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintain confidences. Does what is right, not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully. Doesn't play games. Does what's best for the company, rather than what's best for themselves or their team.


Our tech stack is in very early stages, and we want people like yourself to help us forming and evolving it. At the moment it looks like:

  • Front-End: Typescript, React, Jest, Vite, Node, Docker, Mobx, Nx
  • Back-End: Kotlin, Gradle, Micronaut, Apache Pulsar, Docker
  • Infrastructure: GCP, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, GoLang, Pulumi, Service Mesh
  • CI/CD: GitHub, GitHub Actions, ArgoCD

Why It's Awesome

This is an incredibly ambitious project, run with unconventional degrees of autonomy. It's a greenfield initiative, and it’s still early days, so you can have a big impact from the start. The quality of our team will determine the outcomes of the project, so we're committed to get the best people around. You can expect to form long-lived relationships with crazy smart folks here.

The way we work is truly lower-case agile. Not talking about it. Not having meetings about it. Actually doing it. Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, work on trunk, mob and pair programming, work queues, work in progress limits, cross-functional teams, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment.

Interview Process

So what does an interview for such a cool project look like? Pretty simple - it's usually a two or three step process:

  1. We'll have a video call with you to get to know you a little bit. This is usually around 45 minutes.
  2. We’ll then have a second video call which may be a pairing/coding exercise or just asking some questions which delve a little deeper on your subject matter expertise than we covered in round 1. This is usually around an hour.

We move really quickly, and always give prompt feedback, even when negative.

Positions are getting filled quickly so don't hold on this and get in touch! We promise it's going to be an unforgettable journey.

You’ve got this!