Product Designer

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


We are not your standard bank, we are a house of innovation!

We are part of the team that launched Chase as a new UK bank in 2021, and are now starting on a new initiative with big ambitions. More details will be provided during the interview but for now we can enthusiastically say: It’s challenging, it’s high stakes, it’s fun!

Our team is at the heart of building this new venture, focused on developing products that put the customer at the centre. We have created a new organisation with diverse professionals that come from a wide set of skills, backgrounds and experiences, including b2b and b2c businesses. We want people that are exceptional at what they do.


How do we plan to accomplish this? First of all, we need amazing people and here is where you come into play.

Our team is at the heart of building this new venture, focused on developing products that put the customer at the centre. We have created a new organisation with diverse professionals that come from a wide set of skills, backgrounds and experiences and company sizes from start-ups to top big tech companies. Team members have broad autonomy to collaborate and work in a cross-functional way and we value your opinion in every matter.

We love working with each other, and we need personal connections and in-person bonding. We find we are happier, more motivated and more productive this way.

Currently, our team is still small - meaning you’ll be able to have a huge impact on the overall direction and shape the future together with our customers, users, team members.

Core Competencies
  • Integrity. Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidence. Does what is right, not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully. Doesn't play games. Does what's best for the company, rather than what's best for themselves or their team. If they criticise something they should always have an intended step for resolving or a solution
  • Collaboration. Loves working within a co-located team. Enjoys pairing with others. Doesn't compete with peers. Shares their knowledge and understanding with everybody.
  • Adaptability. Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change. Learns and unlearns technologies and patterns quickly. Comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Problem-solving. Identifies problems, proposes solutions, and suggests what's best to focus on. Contributes to the problem at hand, even when outside their area of speciality.
  • System thinking. What we're building is quite complex - and elements connect to each other in unexpected ways. Being able to see the full picture, while drilling down into details is a must.
  • Great communicator. Can explain an idea to a 10-year-old
  • You get ship done !!! Shipping is an extremely important part of what we do - you should be effectively be able to support this - meaning you have diverse skill sets from generating wild ideas to bringing those to production ready.

This isn’t your traditional product designer role - you’ll be expected to widen your horizon - from understanding user needs, technical limitations, and company strategy - it’s a complex task.

  • Own the end-to-end design process from discovery to ideation, to prototyping and testing, implementation, observability and improvements.
  • Work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers, and product managers in London
  • Have a clear understanding of the business drivers behind the product goals
  • Identify new opportunities and design that creates value for our customers
  • Use customers' insights and data to inform the user experience
  • Creating interactive prototypes and participating in usability research to iterate and refine your designs
  • Present design concepts and research outcomes to team members and stakeholders

In a nutshell: Solve customer problems in a way that is beneficial for the business.

These are just core responsibilities, our ways of working are very fluid so if you have ideas and approaches that you want to try out in other areas (writing code, business development) be our guest.

Interview Process

So what does an interview for such a cool project look like? We know great minds are busy so we have a 2 stage quick interview process with no take-home tasks:

  1. We'll have a 1h video call with you to get to know you a little bit.
  2. We then have a second video call 1h 15 min long, where we delve a little deeper into your subject matter expertise by looking at 2 projects in your portfolio.

We move really quickly, and always give prompt, honest feedback, even when it’s not good news.

Positions are getting filled and we'll soon start to spike and build, so don't hold on to this and get in touch!

You’ve got this!