Digital Consultant

Mott MacDonald

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


We are looking for new team members to join our enthusiastic, ambitious and growing Information Management team. You will be part of our Information Management network responsible for implementing the latest digital design delivery methods and improved ways of working across our major projects. Our team with a range of major project clients, predominantly in the transportation sector in the UK and North America. Our focus in the development of innovative digital project solutions to drive efficiency improvements during the delivery of our built environment projects.

This is an opportunity to apply and further develop your data analysis and information management skills within the civil engineering sector, actively working on solutions that help our clients in achieving their objectives towards Net Zero. You'll work as part of a highly successful and innovative team, helping to advise our infrastructure-owning clients in the delivery of their civil engineering assets, predominantly in transportation systems, from railways and roads to bridges and tunnels.

It's an opportunity to be creative in developing information and technology-based solutions to real-world problems, obtaining, organising and extracting value from data, and using the resulting information to help our clients make good decisions. To do this you'll work collaboratively as part of a team alongside engineers, technologists and other digital consultants to develop and deliver these solutions and make a positive contribution to the safety, performance and sustainability of our clients' infrastructure, for the benefit of society.


  • Working as part of a team to help define and develop approaches to getting value from data, and working independently on specific analysis tasks.
  • Cleaning, structuring and querying asset data, building and using tools for analysis, identifying patterns and trends.
  • Applying rigorous quality procedures for management of version control and audit trail in code development.
  • Researching and evaluating the potential application of new and emerging technologies for infrastructure data capture and analysis.
  • Helping to create decision support tools that combine, contextualize and create value from collected data.
  • Communicating findings to both technical and non-technical people, verbally, statistically, in writing, through visualizations and presentations.

Candidate Specification:

You'll enjoy taking on technical challenges and using your analytical nature, your understanding of data and your analysis skills to develop effective solutions. You will be motivated by the satisfaction that comes from working as a team to improve project delivery and the satisfaction that comes from seeing your work turned into reality to benefit society. You will use your aptitude for creative problem-solving alongside a rigorous, thorough and structured approach to the organisation and exploration of data. You'll be interested in researching and applying new and developing technologies for data capture and analysis, and excited by the opportunities that they bring to help you in your role. You'll enjoy engaging with others, including specialists from a wide range of engineering disciplines to help understand and interpret data and to develop tools that help to visualize and explore it, supporting effective decision-making and performance in delivery.

We'd also like you to:

  • Be educated to Degree or Masters level in an appropriate STEM discipline, ideally with an element of applied statistics and data analytics.
  • Be logical, meticulous and thorough, with strong problem-solving skills and data analysis, ideally with some experience gained in a technical or business environment.
  • Have an understanding of issues relating to the quality of data and how these can be resolved.
  • Understand programming concepts and methods, databases and data analysis, and be familiar with languages such as Python, SQL, and Git or similar tools for code management and version control.
  • Have knowledge of web development principles, Azure services and agile delivery methodology
  • Be familiar with web development tools, such as React and Flask
  • Have good English written and verbal skills, be able to effectively collaborate and communicate with technical specialists from other disciplines and with non-technical people in language that they will understand.
  • Be intellectually curious and find reward in applying your technical skills and creativity to meet challenges and solve problems.
  • Be self-reliant and motivated to look beyond the immediate task, see the bigger picture and identify opportunities to grow and do things better, providing added value to colleagues and clients.
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