IT Specialist - Service Portfolio Management

Mott MacDonald

Location: Tyne and Wear

Job Type: Full time


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The IT Specialist - Service Portfolio Management role is pivotal within our organization, with a primary focus on designing and maintaining the IT service portfolio in alignment with business needs. This role is crucial to enhancing user experience, streamlining services, and driving continual service improvement, with the following responsibilities:

  • Craft and maintain the IT service portfolio to ensure it resonates with evolving business requirements.
  • Evaluate and analyse services, along with the user experience of My Services and My IT (services provided by IT), along with associated tools.
  • Engage in ongoing service enhancement initiatives and conduct regular process reviews.
  • Prioritize user experience and undertake customer journey mapping to enhance service delivery.
  • Establish performance metrics to monitor the advancement of IT service portfolio maturity in alignment with business objectives.

Beyond the primary role, you will also assume a leadership role in fostering a collaborative culture and cultivating an environment that enhances the well-being, health, and engagement of IT department employees. This will be achieved through visible leadership, effective people management, and a commitment to driving positive change.

We take pride in being an equal opportunity employer and place immense value on diversity within our company. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture by actively promoting fairness and diversity, refraining from any form of discrimination, and striving to provide equal opportunities to all.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Ownership and management of the processes governing the provisioning, operationalisation, and retirement of Services within the Service Portfolio, leveraging the ServiceNow platform.
  • Assume responsibility for the management of the My Services portal and oversee all ServiceNow workspaces accessible through the platform.
  • Supervise, coordinate, and offer guidance for additions and updates to the IT service catalogue within the ServiceNow framework.
  • Monitor the demand for services listed in the catalogue to ensure their continued relevance to evolving business needs.
  • Identify prospects for process automation and improvements to elevate the customer experience.
  • Conduct proactive monthly reviews of the utilization of existing catalogue items, integrating insights to add new items and enhance the catalogue.
  • Collaborate closely with the Internal Engagement and Communications team to promote awareness of the IT service catalogue and any related changes.
  • Ensure that newly operationalized services are effectively mapped to the IT infrastructure and that live catalogue items are optimized for use.
  • Manage the list of User Personas utilized to define customer journeys for all requestable items available through the catalogue.
Candidate Specification :


  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of customer needs, preferences, and pain points to drive improvements in service delivery.
  • Possess a strong background in crafting seamless and intuitive user experiences, ensuring that service interactions align with customer expectations.
  • Leverage data analysis skills to derive insights from user interactions and usage patterns, shaping enhancements based on tangible evidence.
  • Exhibit a proven ability to identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, with a track record of implementing solutions that streamline the customer journey.
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, leveraging diverse perspectives to design and implement customer-centric improvements.
  • Display a penchant for innovation and automation, seeking opportunities to leverage technology to elevate the customer journey and service delivery.
  • Communicate complex ideas and improvements clearly and persuasively to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding of customer journey enhancements.
  • Showcase an agile problem-solving mindset, adapting strategies in response to changing customer needs and dynamic business landscapes.
  • Exhibit a commitment to staying updated with industry trends and best practices in customer experience design, incorporating new knowledge into your approach.
  • Approach challenges with empathy and a willingness to adapt, ensuring that customer journey enhancements resonate with a diverse range of user personas.


  • Possess a recognized and pertinent professional certification that underscores your expertise in the field, demonstrating a solid foundation for the role's demands.
  • Showcase a history of effectively operating in intricate matrix environments, reflecting your ability to manage multiple stakeholders and variables concurrently.
  • Offer a track record of successfully managing IT Service Portfolios, substantiating your capability to oversee the provisioning, operationalization, and retirement of services.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in implementing the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, highlighting your understanding of IT service management best practices.
  • Exhibit familiarity and experience with the SDI (Service Desk Institute) framework, underscoring your competence in optimizing portfolios.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Gather and assess business feedback to gauge satisfaction with IT services.
  • Achieve and maintain Service Level Agreement targets.
  • Drive ongoing service improvement, using predefined metrics to track progress.
  • Demonstrate adherence to established standards and processes.
  • Contribute to positive customer experiences, as reflected in ratings and feedback.

We are actively recruiting a diverse workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve. We recognise that differences in ability, skills and experience are a strength and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds.

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