Multi Skilled Operative


Location: Greater Manchester

Job Type: Full time


Our commitment to you, once you join our team, is to foster growth and provide developmental opportunities to ensure you reach your utmost potential.

Job Description

1. Operate gantry cranes, mobile heavy lifting equipment, plant and ancillary equipment as authorised to do so, giving flexibility as and when required.

2. Prepare trains for departure strictly in accordance with the provisions of Personnel & Safety Directive PSD/0233 “Train Pre-Departure Preparation Safety Check” under the direction of a supervisor.

3. Carry out wagon/container number checks, unlocking twist locks and retrieving documents.

4. Control vehicle movements within the crane area or lifter areas as and when required.

5. Undertake regular written physical checks of laden and empty storage areas. 6. Undertake non-technical examinations of empty containers and record details of the check.

7. Undertake general housekeeping duties with the site.

8. Undertake train-shunting duties.

9. Ensure prompt reporting of any mishap, near miss, lifted wagons or any other problem, completing all relevant supporting documentation.

10. Attend safety briefings and adhere to instructions contained therein.

11. Attend any training course to improve competence, including courses away from home location.

12. Management would reasonably expect staff to remain on duty during peak handling periods or where late running trains could potentially impact on the site’s ability to maintain a quality service for the company’s customers, provided that any exceedence of duty is properly authorised.

13. Undertake physical seal checks on arriving containers.

14. Undertake non- traditional Freightliner work (following training) to enhance the revenue performance of the Terminal, e.g. car unloading, parking etc.

15. Undertake mentoring* of staff who have attended formal training courses in all aspects of terminal operations prior to competence assessment.

16. Following formal training, passing on skills and experience.

17. Management would reasonably expect staff to assist in the general running and upkeep of the site within their skill base and capabilities.

We are looking for the most committed and reliable individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and experience needed for their roles.

In return we can offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, a competitive pension scheme and a rewarding career in an award-winning team

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