CCorp Bindery Operator II


Location: Columbus, Georgia

Job Type: Full time


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- Reshma Saujani

Job Summary

This role produces/make-readies, makes necessary adjustments, and operates two large machines to produce products according to specifications. Bindery Operator Experince is a requirement for this role.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensures that machines are in good working order

  • Ensures that jobs are set up correctly before each run (either by pre-approved blue line or sample)

  • Obtains approval from supervisor before proceeding

  • Trains machine tenders to run the bindery machines after a job has been set up and approved

  • Ensures that all work areas are clean

  • Uses data computer system to document time worked and materials used for each job

  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Education & Experience Required

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 3 years bindery experience

Or an equivalent combination of education and experience

Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Ability to set-up and operate at least two large bindery machines

  • Mechanical aptitude for bindery equipment


  • Acting with Integrity - Clearly states goals and beliefs; lets people know his/her true intentions; does what he she said they would do; follows through on commitments
  • Communicating Effectively - Expresses ideas and information in a clear and concise manner; tailors message to fit the interests and needs of the audience; delivers information in a manner that is interesting and compelling to the listener
  • Pursuing Self-Development - Demonstrates ambition and desire to move forward in his/her career; engages others in discussions about career development; seeks feedback on ways to increase his/her performance; takes advantage of opportunities to build new skills and capabilities
  • Serving Customers - Builds strong relationships with customers; stays aware of customer needs, concerns and satisfaction; responds promptly to customer questions and requests; effectively manages
  • Supporting Change - Enthusiastically participates in new change initiatives and programs; focuses on reasons why changes will work and how they will be beneficial
  • Supporting Organizational Goals - Actively supports organizational goals and values; demonstrates enthusiasm toward the company's goals and mission; aligns actions around organizational goals
  • Working with Diverse Populations - Shows respect for the beliefs and traditions of others; encourages and promotes practices that support cultural diversity; discourages behaviors or practices that may be perceived as unfair, biased, or critical toward people with certain backgrounds
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