Sr Systems Engineer (AWS) | Remote


Location: Remote - US only

Job Type: Full time


Opportunity: Sr Systems Engineer

Job Summary

Provides technical leadership for systems on multiple platforms; uses associated software products including installing, configuring, and testing system software; monitors system capacity and performance; analyzes, resolves, and documents problems; researches and recommends enhancements to the infrastructure and middleware software; plans disaster recovery procedures; provides technical consulting on the use and integration of applications into the organization’s infrastructure. Ensures the design of an integrated environment for ease of use to meet requirements for performance, scalability, and operations; demonstrates a high level of knowledge surrounding operating systems and associated software products currently used within the organization, as well as the current enterprise architecture standards, including the operating system, central processing unit, storage devices, middleware, compilers, database management systems, system utilities, and the security environment.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  • Works on multiple projects/assignments at a time as a member of each project team, often as a project leader; works on small and large projects/assignments that are often complex, have system-wide impact and integrate across the organization; projects require significant knowledge and skill in multiple technical environments and disciplines

    Collaborate with developers, testers and stakeholders to ensure quality and performance of APIs as well as platforms hosting them. Monitor and optimize API performance, reliability and scalability

    • Participates on multiple project teams, installs operating systems or major subsystems and associated software and hardware products; enhances activities, and performs as related maintenance and support; backups manager as necessary

    • Mentors less experienced personnel in their specific areas of expertise; manages workload assignment and other management related issues when Manager is not available

    • Serves as escalation point of contact to internal and external clients who are experiencing problems to address unresolved support issues across multiple areas of expertise

    • Leads others in analyzing assigned specifications, planning, designing, and implementing software solutions, uses appropriate software engineering processes. Develops recommendations to improve performance

    • Designs and participates in system integration testing of operating systems, system utilities, and technologies; ensures that the test evaluates all possible impacts of the new technology on the current infrastructure

    • Provides technical consulting on highly complex issues surrounding the use of the organization’s infrastructure and on the integration of application systems into the infrastructure

    • Maintains a current understanding of systems software and IT architecture, products, services, processes, and methodologies; evaluates technology options and makes recommendations to management

    • Manages workload and assignments

    • Provides appropriate documentation for the operations environment necessary to meet SLAs

    • Ability to be available for on-call duties, as needed

    • Performs other related duties as required

    Education & Experience Required

    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering
    • Six or more years of solutions-based data processing experience with a concentration in systems engineering, operating systems and network design/configuration and management

    Or an equivalent combination of education and experience

    Job Knowledge & Skills

    • Microsoft Platforms

    • IP (Internet Protocol)

    • Windows Networking

    Modern Authentication and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    Containerization using Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS

    • API Management using Akana, AWS API Gateway

    • Secure File Transfer using Globalscape EFT and Workspaces

    • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using CloudFormation and Azure DevOps pipelines

    • Messaging Systems

    • .NET

    • Server Virtualization

    • Middleware Integration

    • Integration of Multiple Software Packages

    • Problem Solving Skills

    • Managed Infrastructure in Excess of 100 Windows Servers

    • Disaster Recovery Experience

    • Server Hardware & O/S Management

    • Infrastructure Support

    • Cloud Computing Architectures

    • Applications Performance Monitoring


    • Acting with Integrity - Clearly states goals and beliefs; lets people know his/her true intentions; does what he she said they would do; follows through on commitments
    • Communicating Effectively - Expresses ideas and information in a clear and concise manner; tailors message to fit the interests and needs of the audience; delivers information in a manner that is interesting and compelling to the listener
    • Pursuing Self-Development - Demonstrates ambition and desire to move forward in his/her career; engages others in discussions about career development; seeks feedback on ways to increase his/her performance; takes advantage of opportunities to build new skills and capabilities
    • Serving Customers - Builds strong relationships with customers; stays aware of customer needs, concerns and satisfaction; responds promptly to customer questions and requests; effectively manages
    • Supporting Change - Enthusiastically participates in new change initiatives and programs; focuses on reasons why changes will work and how they will be beneficial
    • Supporting Organizational Goals - Actively supports organizational goals and values; demonstrates enthusiasm toward the company's goals and mission; aligns actions around organizational goals
    • Working with Diverse Populations - Shows respect for the beliefs and traditions of others; encourages and promotes practices that support cultural diversity; discourages behaviors or practices that may be perceived as unfair, biased, or critical toward people with certain backgrounds
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