ACCIONA is a global leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructure, renewable energy, and water treatment projects.

Our idea of industry leadership is radically different. We aim to reimagine infrastructure: to invest in, develop and operate assets that don’t just aspire to neutrality but aim to make our societies more sustainable. In short, we offer regenerative infrastructure.

  • For ACCIONA, regenerative means thinking creatively, letting go of old assumptions and increasing investment. From our breakthrough achievement of carbon neutrality in 2016, we’re moving beyond net zero.
  • Embedded in our Sustainability Master Plan 2025 (SMP2025) is that from design onward, our projects promote solutions with net positive social and environmental results for the communities in which we operate.
  • As a global entity, ACCIONA has over 40,000 employees across five continents. Closer to home, as a trans-Tasman business we employ more than 3,000 people, coordinated by offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Auckland.
  • ACCIONA’s story takes in some of Australia’s most significant transport and infrastructure projects, including several of the nation’s most iconic bridges – Sydney’s Anzac, Brisbane’s Story and Melbourne’s Bolte Bridge among them – the Sydney Opera House, the majority of Australia’s Pacific Highway, Adelaide’s Desalination Plant, and more recently, Western Sydney International Airport and Victoria’s Level Crossing Removal Project.


Our commitment to Sustainability, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are just some of the reasons why our people love to work with us.  Here are just a few of the key benefits and programs we offer, that we thought you might be interested in. 

Gender Neutral Parental Leave and More:

  • At ACCIONA we offer Parental Leave to all parents of a newborn or newly adopted child with twelve (12) weeks of paid leave (including superannuation). This leave can be taken anytime within 12 months of the child’s birth or adoption.
  • We all offer an additional four (4) weeks of paid Re-entry Work Assistance Leave to Primary Carers to support their return to work.
  • We offer Pregnant employees (with any length of ACCIONA service) access to several Parental Leave benefits, such as a 6-hour working day from the 26th week of pregnancy at full pay, parking spaces, and business class flights. (Note that paid Parental Leave and Re-entry Work Assistance are accessible to employees after 12 months of service.)
  • ACCIONA also provides an annual reimbursement of up to A$300 per family, for ACCIONA families with a child aged 0-5yrs in a recognised childcare establishment.
  • ACCIONA will loan/advance payment up to 3 months’ pay for childcare-related special cases (for children aged 0-18years).
  • ACCIONA will support part-time working (at full pay) for parents with newborns who have a serious illness for up to 12 months.
  • Employees who suffer the loss of a baby through stillbirth will be entitled to up to 12 weeks of paid Parental Leave.
  • Employees who do not have 12 months of service are entitled to take unpaid parental leave and will have access to paid leave after 12 months of service (commenced before the child’s 1st birthday).

Flexible Working Model

At ACCIONA we promote flexibility in all its forms.  All employees can make an agreement with their manager for a flexible work arrangement. At ACCIONA, we offer two types of flexible work arrangements, Core Flexibility and Elective Flexibility. Core Flexibility is a simplified process for the approval of remote work aimed at helping ensure that remote work is ‘normalised’ and made as accessible as possible through a simplified agreement-making process. Elective Flexibility is a more formal type of flexible work arrangement that may affect the employee’s employment conditions.

We also strongly support job-sharing and encourage any applicants seeking a job-sharing arrangement to share this with us.

Career and Personal Development

AT ACCIONA we are proud to offer several world-class development Programs, to support our people to reach their full potential and achieve their career aspirations.  Here is a handful.

  • ACCIONA Executive MBA: In association with Escuela de Organización Industrial. This Program includes modules throughout the course of the year with your cohort (throughout the world) and a session in Madrid.
  • Global Executive Program: ACCIONA in JV with the Financial Times and IE International Network, is delivering a high-impact strategic programme for Executives delivering entrepreneurship methodology focused on ACCIONA's challenges, focusing on Sustainability, Strategy, Innovation, and People.
  • International Masters Degree in Project Administration (iMPA): In association with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, this Global Program delivers a comprehensive strategic development program for Project Directors, including Strategy, Business Leadership, Finance, Sustainability, and Leadership modules.
  • Global Mentoring Program for Pre-Management Women: Promotes female talent and leadership in pre-managerial positions
  • Global Career Acceleration Program: Promotes professional development through a mixed methodology that combines actions "on the job” learning, in addition to the development of practical skills workshops.
  • Annual MBA Scholarship: ACCIONA offers an annual scholarship that provides full funding for an MBA Program at the world’s most prestigious international schools (Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, or MIT).
  • Sponsorship Program: Partnering with Cultivate Sponsorship, we deliver a 7-month-long Program, matching senior leaders with emerging female leaders in our business. During this program, senior leaders will stand beside, advocate for, and build the networks, opportunities, and profiles of high-performing women, with the aim of accelerating them into leadership roles

Commitment to Sustainability

  • We have been carbon neutral since 2016, an emphatic endorsement that no other Australian infrastructure company can claim.
  • This commitment has been ratified by the inclusion of ACCIONA in the world’s top sustainability indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, FTSE4Good, the 2015 MSCI Global Climate Index, 2015 CDP Climate A List, 2015 CDP 125 Iberia Climate Disclosure Leadership Index and The Supplier Climate A List, among others.

Making a Difference

At ACCIONA, we are proud to work with several partners to deliver impact in our community.  These are just a handful of our partners:

  • Surfing Australia: ACCIONA has partnered with Surfing Australia who reaches beyond the competitive side of the sport to build a healthier and happier Australia by enriching communities through surfing. Alongside Surfing Australia, we help keep our beaches and oceans clean for generations of Australians to come. Together we find ways to support surfers – and our staff – through unique programs that are sustainable and positive.
  • Soldier On: ACCIONA’s Coleman Rail business has signed the Soldier On Pledge. This is our commitment to supporting veterans and their families with Soldier On, a national charity supporting more than 5,000 veterans and their family members through health and wellbeing services, employment support, learning and education programs, as well as participation and social connection activities. 
  • NAWIC: ACCIONA is a Corporate Sponsor of the National Association of Women in Construction. As part of our commitment to change and the advancement and participation of women in construction, ACCIONA is a corporate member of The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), and this partnership extends free membership to all ACCIONA employees.
  • Social Traders: ACCIONA partners with Social Traders to connect with Certified Social Enterprises. By activating the power of Social Enterprise Procurement, we create a positive impact through jobs, community services, and support for the most marginalised.
  • Supply Nation: ACCIONA partners with Supply Nation to support a truly sustainable, vibrant, and prosperous Indigenous business sector.
  • Career Seekers: CareerSeekers is a non-profit organisation supporting Australia’s humanitarian entrants into professional careers. ACCIONA partners with Careers Seekers to support both refugees and people seeking asylum who are either currently studying at university or looking to restart their professional careers in Australia.