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    About us

    Aurecon is an international design, engineering and advisory company that brings ideas to life to create a better future for people and the planet.

    In 2020, the Australian Financial Review named Aurecon Australasia’s most innovative company and most innovative professional services company, and in 2021 as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Best Places to Work.

    Aurecon believes humanity depends on engineering; and recognises they have a broader stewardship role to play. A deep responsibility to hold. As we continually strive for a life in balance, Aurecon clients will be ready for the future and engineered for life.

    Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of Aurecon’s strategy and are driven by their board and executive team. Aurecon believes we all deserve a different experience of work, one that recognises our unique contribution, that creates a sense of belonging, connection and respect, that allows us to meet the demands of a multi-dimensional life. Our approach to this cultural transformation is through leadership, systems and behaviours.

    One example of DEI in practice is Aurecon’s approach to flexible working, which has been part of their DNA since it first introduced its YesFlex policy in 2015. Since then it has evolved and in 2021 their guide to flexible working has been the cornerstone of its new ‘Ways of Working’, including workshops to develop team charters and guidance on the tools and practices to ensure every team member is able to participate in work while attending to other aspects of life. Other policies critical to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture are Aurecon’s Paid Parental Leave and Domestic and family violence policies.


    Types of Flex Working Available

    • Flexible hours of work
    • Compressed working weeks
    • Time-in Lieu – case by case basis.
    • Telecommuting
    • Part-time work
    • Cultural public holiday swap
    • Volunteer leave
    • Purchased additional leave