Outerspace Design

Outerspace Design

Who are we?

We’re an award winning product development consultancy with offices in Australia and California. We’re leaders in the design and development of creative products and innovative engineering solutions in the medical, consumer, industrial and transportation sectors.  

We foster a fun, dynamic and collaborative work environment where creativity, technical brilliance and personal growth is nurtured.

While collaborating and supporting each other we encourage our designers and engineers to embrace creative challenges. We work with ideas, solve problems and embrace new technologies as we grow and work together. 

Hayley from Outerspace

Supporting positive growth

Supportive teamwork is central to the way we work at outerspace. Innovation and product development is always underpinned by teamwork, inclusion and positive pathways to career development.

We love having the opportunity to share expertise with one another. We encourage people to ask questions and not feel shy about not understanding something. Everyone at outerspace has the opportunity to continue learning, upskill, stay curious and thirsty for knowledge. 

Creative spaces to think and collaborate

Our workspaces are open plan with dedicated meeting rooms. There are quiet zones for deep thinking, break-out spaces to meet and share ideas and communal leafy outdoor areas to refresh and clear the mind. 

We have workshops packed full of hand tools, machines and equipment for hands-on making and experimentation. We have spaces for building models, prototyping and 3D printing. If you have a passion for experimentation and creating things in 3D you’ll find yourself at home here.

We provide a flexible working environment with the option of combining working from home and flexible hours. We understand that life isn’t only about work. Life is about balance and we all need time for family and personal growth. 

We socialise, attend events and participate in team sports together. We like to keep fit and share a passion for healthy living and adventure. We have many collective interests - with cyclists, artists, musicians, sailors, sculptors, marathon runners, kayakers, skiers and dancers on our team.

Our head office in Melbourne is located on the edge of the CBD, with the Yarra River and parklands on our doorstep. The San Diego office is close to the action in the fast-moving, Californian product development sector.

Product development is fast moving and constantly evolving and new opportunities constantly present themselves. New ideas and technologies drive us and our clients to keep creating to make the world a happier, better place to live in.

We are always on the lookout for new talent, if this sounds like you, please check out our roles in the above tab and sign up for our job alerts while you are there!