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Manufacturing & operations | 51-100 employees
How does Raygen create a diverse and equitable workplace?
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Flexible working

Flexible working

Find out how you can work flexibly at Raygen.
Career development

Career development

Learn how Raygen will invest in your personal growth.
Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture

Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture

Check out how Raygen fosters a positive working culture.
Shared caring responsibility

Shared caring responsibility

See your leave entitlements as a parent and/or carer at Raygen.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Raygen

As a WORK180 Endorsed Employer, Raygen is committed to ensuring all their employees can thrive. Check out the strategies they have in place for driving equity in the workplace.

Flexible working arrangements

This standard focuses on the way organizations step outside traditional '9 - 5' structures to ensure every employee can deliver their best, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Strategies in place at Raygen
Formalized policy related to flexible working arrangements in place
Flexible work options offered:
Flexibility typeAvailability
Compressed working weekIndividual needs considered
Flexible start and finish timesAll employees
Job sharing arrangementsRole / team dependent
Part-time contractsAll employees
Time-off in lieu of overtimeRole / team dependent
Work from anywhere (remote working) optionsAll employees
Work from anywhere (remote working) permanentlyIndividual needs considered
Paid holiday, vacation or annual leave in the first 12-months:
Fully paid personal sick and carer's leave in the first 12-months:
Open to candidates discussing flexible working arrangements during an interview
Operational set up:
Single office location
Fully paid community service leave in the first 12-months:
Unpaid leave options:
All employees

About Raygen

RayGen is an Australian technology company with a world-leading low cost, long duration solar plus energy storage system on a utility scale.  Our Vision is to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy with RayGen as the technology provider of choice.  To achieve this Vision, we aim to be an excellent place to work and attract outstanding people.

RayGen is at the forefront of developing innovative solar technology that is shaping the future of renewable energy. As a company, we value excellence in our people and support each other to achieve outstanding results, treating everyone with empathy and respect. RayGen fosters a collaborative work environment that values teamwork and open communication, while also maintaining a strong customer focus.

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I work within our Finance team, and share responsibility for the accurate and timely recording, reporting and execution of the various accounts, payroll and administrative duties. I enjoy working at RayGen because it’s a company striving to have a positive impact on the planet on which we all live. It’s an added bonus that the people are friendly, helpful and all working towards a common goal.
Catherine Gonsalves
Payroll and Accounts, Raygen
Catherine Gonsalves

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