Viva Energy Australia is one of this country’s largest and most successful energy companies, with operations right across the continent. We’re proud to be Australian, proud of our 110-year history, and extremely proud of our achievements as we strive to become Australia’s most respected energy company.

We make, import and deliver the fuels, lubricants, chemicals and bitumen Australians rely on to reach their destinations. We’re with workers on their daily commute. We’re with families on their school run and truck drivers moving freight across the country. We’re with machinery operators in the mining industry and help fuel the aviation and marine industries, playing our part to keep Australia moving.

We supply around 25% of Australia’s fuel through our extensive network of service stations and to our commercial customers, wherever they need fuel in Australia.

Over 1,200 people choose to work with us spread across every corner of the land from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to our refinery in Geelong and terminals in Gore Bay, Karratha, Birkenhead, Mackay and more.

Our Culture

At Viva Energy, we are building a culture where people feel inspired to achieve. It is a culture of cooperation, founded on strong values. Honesty defines how we operate on all levels – we recognise our responsibilities and keep our promises.  Integrity underpins our relationships with our people, our customers and our supply partners. Respect for people, the environment and the communities in which we operate shapes our decisions.

A focus on outcomes

With a focus on outcomes our people are empowered to make a positive difference, not only within our business but also to our customers’ businesses and to the wider community. We embrace diversity in all its forms and are committed to ensuring our people enjoy a fair, safe and productive workplace. People are proud to work at Viva Energy. We provide opportunities to grow and establish a rewarding career within a supportive environment. We are not like any other energy company.


Viva Energy’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Viva Energy Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan artwork, Wa-ngal yalinguth, yalingbu, yirramboi is by Dixon Patten, a proud Yorta Yorta and Gunnai. In the Woi-wurrung language the title reads “you and me yesterday, today, and tomorrow”. This video uses the elements of this artwork to bring to life Viva Energy’s story.