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Our mission is to inspire more women to pursue careers in Data & Tech and build a community where like-minded women can come together to learn, connect and have fun! #sisterhood

About She Loves Data

She Loves Data is a non-profit social enterprise that inspires women around the globe to become active contributors to an increasingly data-drive world. We are building communities where women from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn, connect and have fun!

How? We organise webinars and workshops that help women become data and digital literate, provide mentorship, soft skills development and networking opportunities.

Why? Because the world’s most valuable resource is data and the future needs a data-literate and  diverse and inclusive workforce.



Our online and offline events cover Data and Tech, Digital Marketing, Business Discussions, and Essential Skills. Our events are free and, unless stated otherwise, our events are open to anyone. You may attend as many events as you wish. In fact, we encourage you to do so! 


The program will run over 5 weeks with 4 online classes and individual home learning and assessments


A mentor is like a coach, therapist, friend and cheerleader all rolled into one. But for your career. Connections and shared experiences can make all the difference in your career journey. That’s why we love the impact that mentorship and community can have.

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