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What can companies expect when working with us? Who better to tell you than some of our Endorsed Employers for All Women.


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Endorsed since 2022

IGO is just one great example of how we’re helping dispel the myths around traditionally male dominated industries. Since partnering with WORK180, they have achieved a year-on-year increase in women employees and a 5% increase in applications from women.

“IGO look forward to continuing their partnership with WORK180 to achieve their shared purpose to raise organizational standards and empower women to choose a workplace where they can thrive.”

-Kate Mosel, Manager Talent at IGO

Exa Product Development

Endorsed since 2022

With DEI at the heart of their strategy, Exa Product Development has partnered with WORK180 since 2020. 

In that time, they have gone from 0% women to 45% women within their engineering team.

“I’m confident that we wouldn’t have been able to shape the diverse, balanced, and inclusive team that we have, without the partnership with WORK180.”

-Sarah Bardwell, General Manager at Exa Product Development

Andrew Black

Managing Director, Managing Director, ANZ

“The partnership with WORK180 has already created an impact. Through this collaboration we have been able to expand our candidate pool and gained valuable insights into the perspectives and preferences of our people which are significant steps toward…


building a more diverse and inclusive workforce. It has enabled us to leverage these insights to reevaluate our benefits and programs, ensuring they align to these preferences. We will continue to invest and expand this partnership and are excited to see how it evolves and contributes to fostering a more inclusive culture at Experian.”

Anika Shenfield

Assoc CIPD, Learning & Development Manager at Genesee & Wyoming UK

“We are delighted to be endorsed by WORK180 who have supported our organisation since 2018. With our partnership we have been able to share employee stories and advocacy campaigns, train our team on best recruitment practises and gain feedback from the Experience180 survey…


In 2022 we were introduced to the DEI assessment, which has helped us drill down into our diversity, equity and inclusion journey where the analysis provided great insights into our workforce practises, allowing us to gain a better understanding on what areas we need to improve as well as seeing what we are doing well. We are excited to take advantage of all WORK180’s services with our membership.”

Andrew Baker

Value Lead – Career Experiences:
E2E Operations

“As an organisation we have made a number of clear commitments to become a truly inclusive place to work. WORK180’s DEI assessment approach has provided us with a framework to understand our strengths and opportunities specific to gender equity – enabling us to define…


our organisational gender roadmap with confidence and purpose.

Together we are now partnering on this journey, and benefit from the expert coaching and support of our dedicated DE Account Manager.”

Katie McCartney

People and Culture Business Partner at
Betfair Pty Ltd

“The WORK180 team have provided us with incredible support since we began our working relationship. The DEI report has helped us identify some small (and not so small), changes we can implement to create a more diverse, equal and inclusive work place…


Though we are not perfect, WORK180 has assisted us in taking great strides in achieving a workplace that we are proud of.”

Victor Depoorter

Managing Director of Proa

“As Managing Director at Proa, I know how critical it is to ensure there’s diversity of thought and perspective within the team. While we’re a highly technical, specialised team that proudly represents seven nationalities, we’re acutely aware that we need to improve our gender diversity…


That’s why we turned to WORK180. Their DEI assessment was a great opportunity to engage more deeply within our team, look objectively at our work culture and environment, and identify areas for improvement. It’s been a rewarding experience for everyone at Proa and we’re delighted to have now achieved WORK180’s endorsement as an equal opportunity employer for women.”

Melissa George

People and Culture Business Partner at FleetPartners

“FleetPartners have loved partnering with WORK180 to further develop and strengthen our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. The assessment has provided real feedback both on our current areas of strength and also areas with the biggest opportunity for growth…


Having these opportunities highlighted has given us great direction in what our focus will be in moving forward. We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive culture where our people and their differences are celebrated.”

Clare O’Connor

Senior Adviser Inclusion and Diversity People Branch at Austrade

“The WORK180 DEI assessment was an enormously helpful exercise. Not only was it an opportunity to collaborate with different areas across the organisation, it was also very helpful to highlight areas of strength and opportunity. By clearly benchmarking and…


understanding our results in a safe and supportive session, we are now prepared to target our gender equity interventions in more meaningful and impactful ways.”